Video: 2014 Chevrolet Volt: How It Works


Recently, General Motors put out this commercial to explain the complex operation of the Chevy Volt.

Gas or Electric....It Works With Both

Gas or Electric….It Works With Both

What GM is trying to accomplish here is to put into simple terms how the Volt operates.

Furthermore, GM is trying to explain how the Volt differentiates itself from conventional hybrids, plug-in hybrids, regular ICE and pure EVs.

As GM states:

“What is the Chevrolet Volt exactly? This video explains how the Volt is different from hybrid, pure electric and gas-powered cars on the road.”

Honestly, we think GM hit it on the nose with this one.  But what do you think?

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In the 17 month period I have owned my Volt, it is interesting to me all the arguments and discussions I have heard and read about what the Volt is, in regard to “is it a hybrid, an EV… etc.” Most of these arguments seem to take place between geeks, engineers and millennial generation types. Me, I don’t care to get involved. It’s nearly as useless as “You say toe-mate-oh and I say ta-matt-ooo. The bottom line for me is that my Volt gives me options that no other car offers. It is for me, an enabling-vehicle. I’ve been able to travel 120 miles in a single day, all on electrons produced by one of the largest wind-farm regions in the country, for $2.50 in electricity. I wasn’t even able to go 100 miles in 1970 that cheap, in my 1970 Camaro when gas was 37 cents per gallon in 1970. But of course I was a lead-footed 18 year old then and now I’m a 62 year old cheapskate (sort of) and when I elect to travel like a senior citizen, the Volt enables me to be a tightwad. The argument will continue I suppose, that the engine does… Read more »

Opps, forgot to add this link for the non-believers that I really can do 120 miles on $2.50 worth of Texas electricity…

It only costs me $1.80 for 20kWh in Michigan :). But my winter range isn’t as good as yours 🙁

Yikes… Winter in Michigan! If you ever see a car with Texas license plates on Michigan roads when there is ice or snow, it might be wise to take a different route.

Last year, some of our Canadian friends sent us a package of cold air and I was driving my Volt at 4 in the morning when it was 17 degrees. What an experience that was… The ICE comes on, and I nearly wet my britches, but I spared the leather seat in my Volt and held it like a man (an idiot who was too cheap to run the heater) and was I stunned how short the drive was that morning on the battery before the engine came on…
It ruined my statistics on VoltStats 🙁

Make sure the ‘engine running due to temperature’ setting is set to ‘very cold’ (15F) instead of ‘cold’ (35F). This way the engine won’t come on until it is about 15 F outside.
It’s stupid why it does, it isn’t to heat the battery directly, but to supply heat for the cabin. A good idea if you are going on a long trip anyway (the engine is a great heater), but if you are doing a short trip, you don’t want to use a drop of gas.

Thanks for the idea. Just bought a new one 3 weeks ago. Where do you find the setting?

Found the setting…home screen…tap next…tap configure…tap vehicle settings….tap climate and air quality…tap engine assist….tap very cold

Very nicely said. I am a tech ‘geek’, however thank you very much for your’s (and many other’s) perspective about the Volt. I love the Volt, I’ve owned a 2011, 2012 and currently the 2013 model.

Chad… you have me beat. I’m twisting my wife’s arm to trade in her 2013 Malibu ECO on a 2014 Volt. I’ll probably drive my 2012 until the wheels fall off and if my Volt is anything like my 1983 GMC Vandura (still running down the road, and ugliest van this side of the Rio Grande) my Volt might just outlast me.

It’s a slightly updated version of this video from 2010:

Different speaker, current slogan and model year.

Ok.. I was thinking I had seen this exact video before a few years ago..

Good commercial. They hit most of the points. Probably would have been good to mention that most Volt owners go 1000 miles or a month before fill-ups.

Professional driver. Closed course.

Its not bad. The top speed is 101 mph though…


A typical ICE GM product, trucks, cars etc. are top speed limited to at or around 100 mph. Obviously the Corvette is different.

Do you need to go faster than 101?!?!?

“I need a car that goes 200 miles per hour… to get to work.” — Bill Cosby

Misquote. My bad. He actually said “I need a car that does 180 or better… to get to work.”

Full routine:

The quoted line is at about 10min 50sec.

It’s a good presentation, but long. That’s the problem with the EREV concept – it takes too long to explain. No less than 75% of any presentation should focus on its EV capability, and no more than 25% on the ER capability – similar to how people use the Volt in the real world.

Recycling early Gen 1 Volt commericals – in 2011, this was a cute commercial, but a little too passive. You’d think by now GM Marketing would have found a faster, more dynamic way to tell the Voltec story.

Its a shame america is too dumb to understand a simple concept. Stupid isn’t curable.

And every year we dumb down our education system to please the lowest common denominator instead of challenging the cream of the crop, but I digress..

I’ve come to believe that because the Volt has been politicalized, people don’t want to understand the genius of its design.

Reading a lot of American forums I’m shocked at this and feel a growing number of Americans are no longer patriotic or poorly educated as they are promoting the misinformation of the GM Volt.

The Americans I knew & worked with 20 years ago would never have stooped so low to make the VOLT a political football.

All Americans should be really proud of the Volt – its one heck of an amazing car – so much so I bought 1 overpriced in Australia and drive it every day -I’m still impressed.
11 months in – first time at the gas pump.
Try that in a Prius or take a pure EV on an extended trip and see how you go.
Yet there a many that keep trying to pull it down….. ?

People need to grow a brain and stop being political sheep.
After all …. Bush gave the EV credit subsidy, Obama helped GM keep alive (that was a good thing = yes for the US) so why don’t all these clowns call it quids and give GM and the Volt the credit it truly deserves?

As mentioned, this is a tweaked 2011 Volt commercial from
And Yeah, the engine directly drives the wheels at a steady 66 mph or faster if the engine happens to be running. This isn’t mentioned in the video since being 2011, this year GM was still lying to everyone (especially dealers and techs) that it wasn’t, and only told the truth to FORBES and Motor Trend (even GM knows you don’t lie to bankers).

That said, here in late 2013 its refreshing that when they come up with an entertaining, semi-informative video, that they have enough sense not to change it especially since the 2014 is almost identical to the 2011.

Well ^^^^ that ^^^ is clearly a misinformed representation of the facts! LOL

WELL ^^^, Sounds ^^^ like one of the gears in your head had a few teeth sheer off.

This is a serious blogsite. Try PluginCars if you’re just trying to hear yourself type.

Show me your data and I’ll show you mine! LOL
But its my opinion you’ve PROBABLY never even drove a Volt let alone used any sort of data acquisition equipment necessary to validate your incorrect statements. Head over to and you can read how it REALLY works…

where do you find the setting for the engine turning on and off at cold or very cold?

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