Video: 2014 Cadillac ELR Shows Up in Jay Leno’s Garage Ready for a Test Drive


Jay Leno makes us jealous.  It’s not because he’s wealthy or a celebrity.  Nope.  It’s his garage, appropriately called “Jay Leno’s Garage,” which is so full of automotive greatness that we can’t help but drool over the stuff found inside.

Like the lust-worthy 2014 Cadillac ELR.  It’s there in Leno’s garage now and we be all sorts of jealous.  Even more so since Leno himself gets to drive the ELR out on the open road.

Jay Leno Drives the Cadillac ELR

Jay Leno Drives the Cadillac ELR

Leno owns a Chevy Volt, so he’s oh-so familiar with the inner workings of the ELR, as not much has been changed mechanically in the transition from a Chevy to a Cadillac.

But, as Leno’s team says of the ELR, “Lose your range anxiety and get lost in the luxury of leather, wood and carbon fiber of Cadillac’s long-awaited hybrid offering.

Before watching the jealousy inducing 15-minute video, you might want to skim over the ELR’s specs below to get a sense of how Cadillac’s version of Voltec differs from Chevy’s:

  • Both feature GM’s 1.4 Ecotec four-cylinder engine and the upgraded for 2013, 16.5 kWh lithium battery pack.
  • The ELR is rated at 154 kW, or 207 horsepower, which is 58 more than in the Chevy, and 295 lb-ft of torque, 23 lb-ft more than the Volt.
  • These improvements will shave about a second off the Caddy’s 0-60 time, estimated at just under 8 seconds.
  • The Cadillac gets 35 miles per charge (3 less than the Volt).

Full specs on the ELR can be found here.

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15 Comments on "Video: 2014 Cadillac ELR Shows Up in Jay Leno’s Garage Ready for a Test Drive"

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Is it me or does the door window trim not seem to line up with the rear window trim?
Seems like there is a noticeable change in the trims width.
What’s the curb weight difference between a Volt and ELR?


Yep I noticed that and more… lets hope its just a pre production version = botch, not a great idea for GM to showcase that particular vehicle though with Jay Leno.

Did Like the centre console & standard gear lever & especially paddle for regen.

Not so crazy about the front overhang down low,
good news is it definitely looks like a snappy Caddi

Interesting that the ELR will power itself down after two hours of idling. The Volt doesn’t have that (wish it did!). Some people forget to hit the power button for shutdown since it is so quiet.

So ELR = Nothing. Really?! Couldn’t they have come up with something?

I like to think it stands for ELectric Range.


Electric Long Range

Wow. Pay more, and get less electric range. What a bargain. 🙂

I’ll take one second off the 0-60 for 3 less miles any day!
I very seldom use all the EV miles in a day … I’ve used 5.3 gallons of gas in six months of city driving. 4000 tough city miles.

Wow… change your moniker to “Vanity” or “MeCentric”.

Pay more, get beautiful lines, top quality interior, more power.
If I didn’t already own a Volt I would be buying one of these, just for the prestige that goes with owning a caddy.
But I own a Volt, which I refer to as a poor mans ELR.
Wouldn’t trade it for anything, except perhaps an ELR.

Woops, double-post.

I was going to say, do we know the Volt doesn’t do this too? I have not read anything either way on this, but maybe you have, or found out the hard way. Seems like a simple software update if not.

I am still kind of disappointed that they didn’t find a way to squeeze a little more power out of the electric motor. Less than 8 seconds 0-60 is ok, but we are talking about a car that is the electric version of the CTS and when Jay is talking about his CTS-V it just reminds me more and more that the ELR is way slow comparatively. We have the Cadillac CTS-V at 3.9 seconds, the CTS at 6.1 seconds and the ELR at 7.8 seconds…
Regardless of that, I have to mention that I have a heck of a lot of respect for Jay Leno. He is a good guy, and he is pretty upfront that he is proud that EREV technology is being developed by an American company. Good for him.

EREV has some limitation in comparison with pure EV. EREV is considered to be max. functionality and ecomomy. Cadilac does not stands for. The team just used Voltec without adding any luxury features like wireless charging i.e. Bosch or supercapacitor i.e. Maxwell in oder to add some power during first 5 seconds.

I wonder when the price will be announced.

one site gives it a price tag (base) nearly $70k. I doubt it would be worth it in some cases. I only travel a few miles a day for work so I could get away solely on the electric charge. But longer trips requiring the gasoline engine could become costly since the ELR requires premium gas and only has a 9.3 gallon tank. I would have also preferred 4 doors or the option of 4 doors and 2 doors.