Video: 2014 BMW i3 Interior View


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

BMW i3 exterior: beautiful different

BMW i3 interior: beautiful

While the exterior of the BMW i3 comes off as a bit odd and even un-BMW like (subjectively, of course), the interior is striking, appealing and an artful masterpiece in execution.

A few days ago, we brought you footage from outside the i3, now we take you inside where the i3 truly shines.

Editor’s Note: Three additional “trunk” photos, courtesy of Tom M., have been added immediately below.




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This car is so sharp! Can’t wait to get my hands behind the wheel.

Tesla, and now BMW, will own the upscale EV market. I never though I’d be saying that but the day has finally arrived! I too look forward to test drive this sophisticated EV.

The steering wheel is total overloaded with all this buttons.

I hope the screens are really bright and have automatic backlight adjustments. Without any sun visor, they can get easily into full sunshine.

That was the first and only view of the trunk that I’ve seen – and it looks VERY small. Not the best way of showing off a trunk by putting a skateboard in it.

The production car is 6″ longer than the concept was and that space is pretty much all in the trunk. I have lots of pictures of the cargo area if Jay or Eric want I can send them. They aren’t all the clearest pics but you can clearly see the space there with the seats up and down.

Thanks to Tom…we now have some trunk photos!!

That trunk space is impressive. I envisioned much less area in the trunk. Can you comment on how it compares to a LEAF?

Dude, that’s a big board.

Aside: You guys have got to figure out a better way of displaying a gallery of pictures. It is so bad by comparison. Click a picture, go to another screen to click the picture again to see a large view. Back up twice to see the next picture.

We hear you Scott…That’s on our to-do list

lol that trunk looks the same size as my smart car’s trunk

Odd/random skateboard scene at the end.

Agreed. That’s probably the last thing I expected him to go back there for. lol

I’ve got a bet that you WON”T get the RE.
Have you decided yet?

I’m really tempted George. I don’t need it, but I’m thinking about the things I could do with it, like the 220 mi drive to the in-laws in Vermont. I think I’ll probably go back and forth 10 times until I actually get it. Choices are good.
Like many others I think, I’d prefer 300lbs of more batteries but that’s not an option and the range extender is. I’ll kick this around a bit and hopefully I’ll get to drive one with a REx for a while to help me decide.

Yeah, I totally win the pool

…Tom and I will be out in our i3 RExs, (=

Jay, problem for Tom (and me) is the sales tax. With REx it becomes a PHEV and thus has sales tax. Without it, i3 is BEV and no sales tax. in WA tax is almost 10% – so figure $5k+$4k for REx or $100 on lease.

I guess you don’t have that “problem”.

No, indeed I don’t, I get taxed with or without the REx, (=

BMW is working on this evnow, but I suspect it won’t be settled for the beginning of deliveries next year. Once CA approved it for the BEVx designation, BMW will have some ammunition to try to have it tax exempt in WA, NJ and the other states that offer sales tax exemptions for zero emission cars. Not saying they’ll win, but they will try.

They get a plus for me for the way the back seats fold over to extend the floor of the trunk. More car makers should do this. And it’s in 2 parts. That’s an extra plus!

I don’t like the clunky steering wheel shifter. I will also wait for real world reviews of winter driving in the snow before I make a judgment. Perhaps a test drive on a snowy winter day is in my future.