Video: 2013 Chevy Volt Drag Races for Charity at Atlanta Dragway


The Chevrolet Volt is a marvelous machine.

Chevy Volt Gets Ready for Green

Chevy Volt Gets Ready for Green

It’s the EREV that’s proven that, even with a gas engine on board, most miles can and, often are, driven electrically.

What are the Volt’s weaknesses?

Well…it ain’t a drag racer, but aside from that, we find it difficult to come up with any significant flaws with the Volt.

Or is it a drag racer?

At a recent charity event at the Atlanta Dragway, a Chevy Volt ripped down the quarter-mile track with these results:

  • 16.697 @ 83.72
  • 60-foot time of 2.703 seconds

Not too shabby.

It’s worth pointing out that this run was accomplish with the Chevy Volt in “Hold Mode” and with traction control set to “off.”

More important than the posted time was the charity aspect of this event.  All proceeds went to the local community and to raise funds for Forsyth County Georgia Humane Society, which is a “No Kill” animal shelter.

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Liked the music they were playing while driving.
There are a couple of tuners that claim they are able to increase the performance of the Volt.
wait4me and BNRacing userids on gm-volt dot com

they ran the 1/4 in hold mode- ie with the ICE running.
When do we get a hop up kit for EV mode??

LOL, the music was the best and just using one hand casually on the wheel.

I’ve raced a few sporty cars and BMW’s/Mercedes/Caddys at lights, and I usually win, until we hit ~40mph, but that’s when I let off the pedal anyway.

I’d be happy with a simple reduction in torque suppression for better 0-60′ time. That is the biggest drawback to the Volt IMO. What good is instant torque if you can’t use it? It’s terrible that even a Prius has a similar 0-60′ time.

Keeps the ECO tires from spinning and traction control from coming on?

According to Walter their isn’t any torque suppression. It is a natural characteristic of the AC synch motor.

then Walter would be incorrect! 😉 -WOT

Most Volt owners will eventually swap to a tire with better traction and decent fuel efficiency like the PureContact or MXM4. Those Fuel Max tires are pretty sorry. Regardless, I’m ok with a little wheels spin after 2decades of drag racing. 🙂

Yep – I’d like to see one of the modded Volts that does 0-60 in 5 seconds. That would at least stand a chance against some cars. But I don’t think a stock Volt will stand a chance against any car that somebody brings to a drag strip.

I too would like to see this, and some details about what they changed in the programming! I sent ‘badnewsracing’ this message; ———————————————————— Did your company make this video? and this thread? So in hold mode, the tweaks will engage, allowing 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds? I understand it is from allowing the engine to couple to the transmission directly at lower MPH than default, and at the same time fully utilizing the main motor, so together they add up to more HP. Did you mess with the engine spark timing, A:F ratios, cam timing? Is it possible to get stock MPG in hold mode if you are easy on the pedal and is it easy to control? Do you configure it to slightly overdrive the electric motor from the default 109KW up to 120KW? What safeguards do you have in place for electric motor temperature or will the Volt’s computers take care of that by itself? Probably will. Probably not a good idea to floor it for extended periods up a big hill with a trailer! Can the transmission take the torque of the engine at full throttle + full utilization of the motor at the same… Read more »

my smart ED is faster than the volt in sport mode

Have you raced a Spark EV?

Not according to the data I’ve found.
(more at on the ‘compare’ tab)

A Volt can be faster than your smart ED, in Hold mode. 0-60 in 6.5 to 7 seconds reliably by having the engine help the 111KW electric motor.
Google “2013 chevy volt high performance part 3 fastest ever 5.5 second 0 to 60mph.”
“Hi Guys, almost done with Hybrid volt support in efilive to tune your car yourselves.”

Just took my 4 cylinder 1990 Mustang (Fox body coupe) to the drag races. This car orignally had 86 hp from the factory and the engine is unmodified. This car ran 20.44 to 20.80’s at 67MPH. This means this car took 19 seconds to get to 60mph, not fast at all. For those of you in the know about mustangs this is a desirable car in the V8 form. For us it was just a kick because it was sooo slow and this was my youngest sons first trip to the drag races so I was teaching him how to read the starting lights (Christmas tree) and safely use the track. This worked well because he was not nervous since the car was so slow. We had loads of fun even though the car was very SLOW. Our VOLT would have totally smoked our Mustang. For those of you who think 4 seconds is not a big difference in the quarter mile, go out on the freeway go 60 to 70 mph and measure how far you travel in those 4 seconds. Its a long way. Now we are saving for a better engine and transmission. Don’t think that 16… Read more »

You should go White Zombie on it, and electrify your Mustang. Then you can smoke most everyone else at the track.

My friend had one of those four-cylinder Mustangs. He sold it after getting embarrassed by a Mitsubishi Mirage.