Video: 13-Minute Review of Smart Fortwo Electric Drive


If you’re still on the fence over whether or not the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is the right fit for you, then perhaps you haven’t read our in-depth review?

Hill Descent Activated

Hill Descent Activated

Or maybe you didn’t catch that Fortwo Electric Drive price drop┬álast month?

Okay, so you’re now fully up to date on the Fortwo Electric Drive and are seeking some additional drive-time knowledge.

Well, you’ve come to the right place then, because what we have here is 13-plus minutes of Fortwo Electric Drive video review.

Fittingly, the Fortwo ED seen here is in its element (San Francisco, California) and utilized in the way Smart intended (congested urban environments).

If you’re an urban dweller, then this review will surely tip the fence one way or the other when it comes to deciding whether or not the Smart ED is the EV for you.



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4 responses to "Video: 13-Minute Review of Smart Fortwo Electric Drive"
  1. Tesla Fan says:

    I drive one every day, have had it for 29 days and am over the mileage per month limit for the lease agreement, it is extremely hard not to drive, it is addicting, super quick and very cool, turns heads everywhere i drive, have gotten nothing but compliments, people taking pics of it while driving, etc. Matte Grey with Daytime Running Lights = a looker, best commuter car in the world, a true mini go kart, extremely safe (designed by the finest Mercedes-Benz engineers in the world, i never worry about not being safe, such a lame criticism people make, ignore the ignorants) and affordable, usually get between 70-90 miles per charge mixed with a little freeway driving sometimes but mostly city driving and long backroads with speeds up to 55, have the regen paddles and they are a must, they give so much back to you and make the car even more fun to drive, you havent had fun driving a car if you havent driven the smart electric drive, only thing funner than this is a tesla roadster or a model s, if you step down on the pedal and make it click it unleashes the kick down mode which makes the car accelerate away even faster than just stepping all the way down on the peddle, its a smile inducing effect especially when you look back and see every car is in the dust. This is an absolute perfect 2nd, 3rd, or 4th car. Many smart ed owners are also tesla owners and or exotic car owners so for the lame people that knock the car and say its dumb what do you have to say about those guys? its an awesome car, point blank. If you get it you wont regret it. 909 miles of smiles, loving every second in it. 2 Seats is plenty, over 200,000,000 empty seats are driven around every day. The car has plenty of cargo room, can easily fit a 42 inch tv in the back along with a lot of other stuff. The ride of this car is 1000x better than my old gas smart, its a lot smoother and takes bumps easier/softer which is great, it also has great passing speed on the freeway, flew by many people going up the onramps, got it up to 82. Funnest car ever.

    1. Luc-Montreal-Canada says:

      I have also a Smart ED 2013 matte grey. Mine is a Cabriolet.

      I fully agree with “Tesla Fan”.

      I am always looking for a reason to drive mine, top down at any speed also.


  2. Tesla Fan says:

    and no offense but all off these people that are reviewing the car that are not regular smart drivers or owners dont really give the car the credit it deserves, a smart is different from every other car, i should be the one giving the official reviews for this car, too bad im not apart of any top car blog.

    1. Anderlan says:

      Chuckle. Nice to see it from the perspective of a couple guys who don’t normally look at cars and apparently have never been in a Fortwo–gas or electric. I think these guys reviewed because they test gadgets, and this is an electric, which kind of makes it a gadget, and they may have tested a Tesla.