Victory Racing To Enter Electric Class In 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

APR 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 3

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Victory Motorcycles’s racing arm – Victory Racing, announced participation in the 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for this June (race is scheduled for June 26).

Victory will race its Empulse RR electric motorcycle, last year the company used its TT Zero at Isle of Man (race report) alongside conventional motorcycle Project 156.

“The Project 156 prototype bike will be ridden by 2014 Pikes Peak Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Toye and the Empulse RR electric prototype (raced in last year’s TT Zero at the Isle of Man) will be ridden by Cycle World’s Road Test Editor Don Canet in the Electric Motorcycle Class. Don previously rode Project 156 in 2015.”

Meanwhile testing of the Empulse RR electric prototype has already begun and team manager, Brian Wismann says:

“The Victory Racing team is pleased to have successfully completed our first test in our journey back to challenge Pikes Peak on its 100th anniversary. We wanted to get our racer some familiarity with the power delivery, handling and nuances of racing an electric motorcycle and we were able to accomplish that and more. It’s really a testament to Don’s abilities that he was able to show up at a track he’s never ridden before, throw a leg over an electric bike he’s never ridden before and go as fast as he did ‘out of the gate’. We’re looking forward to the next test when we really start to fine-tune our set up to tackle the mountain!”

Don Canet, who has entered Pikes Peak twice before will now return and be on an electric bike. He comments:

“It’s been said that the third time is a charm. Having now had a leg over the Victory electric prototype racer, I’m very optimistic about our prospects upon returning for a third go on America’s Mountain. Pikes Peak is an ideal venue for an electric powered bike to showcase its performance potential.”

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Hoping EVs take 1st 2nd ad 3rd this year like they should have last year in the car? division.

How well this bike does depends on what Victory’s goals are for Pike’s Peak. If their goal is to win overall it will take a lot of work. I don’t think this bike configured as Brammo had it can win outright. No question it can be done and Lightening proved it. Too bad Lightening isn’t competing.

This is the one race application where EV technology should just easily beat ICE if done properly.

For me this excellent event is beyond te tech … Just ride whatever you brought. I love it all.