Victory Posts New (More Awesome) Empulse Video


New Victory Empulse video prOn

New Victory Empulse video prOn

File this under “Interesting Marketing 101“, but the video we posted the other day on the Victory Empulse release came directly from the Victory site, right?  Except it’s unlisted, and a little raw.

Then we saw this, a day later:Intentional?

Whatever it was, it got the “first-on-the-scene-reports” (like us) to do another update on the release (like this).  Because: Awesome.

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Balls of steel, riding across a steel bridge roadway, at 89 mph.

No kidding.

Balls of steel? I’d better check mine for rust, then, because I didn’t know…

Those steel grate bridge deck shivers you get on a motorcycle feel a lot more scary than they are actually dangerous.

The bike responds to inputs properly, but I still wouldn’t want to corner on that surface. Just add a little clearance in all directions, stay steady on the throttle and bars, and don’t try any sudden changes until back on pavement.

I had a similar deck as part of my commute. The first few times over at freeway speed were not my favorite times on my cycle. After a while, just another part of the road.

With no traffic around, like in the video, no big deal.

The Empulse will do a burn-out on dry pavement from a standing start?

It’s got a clutch/gears, so burn-outs are easy.

Electric motors have very little rotating mass. You can’t really do a clutch drop like a gas bike.

But yes, it has plenty of torque to break the tires free.

Nice!! But still not worth $20K to me.

Agreed. The $20K price point doesn’t meet my value proposition sanity check.

It states on the bottom of the video that it is filmed on closed roads. Do not attempt.