The Victory Charger Charge Has Started

FEB 25 2015 BY TDILLARD 11

Not a week after the Victory Charger trademark was filed, some enterprising individual started up, discussions popped up on a few Victory Motocycle groups and a new category was formed on the Brammo Owner’s forum.

Here’s what we have, courtesy of a user on the Brammo group:

While the site claims 400 members or so, it seems only a few actually post….which raises an eyebrow to us. ┬áNo doubt in months to come we’ll have another handful of sites where we can read internet rumors and speculation all about the latest addition to the Polaris motorcycle stable.

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I hope not. I want a practical bike. Not a styling exercise. Give me standard styling, passenger space for a woman who weighs more than 90 pounds, some cargo space for taking things to work and home.

Why not both? Plenty of motorcycle makers can make a bike that’s both stylish and functional, it’s really not difficult.

I’m all for good styling. Just NOT what is pictured. That is not a usable design. No passenger seat. No rear fender protection for the rider (nothing like road spray off the rear tire going up your back). I’ve been riding for long enough to want practicality.


Can they sell a bike with the same name trademarked by Dodge?

You mean like Care-Free gum, and Carefree tampons?

As long as there is no chance of product confusion, they are probably safe because “Charger” is a dictionary word. If Dodge had used a non-dictionary word, like “Chaarjar” or something, then it would be a different story.

I hope not as well. I would like to see a full size electric cruiser. Something like Victory’s version of the Brutus V9. Not hard to get 200+ miles of range when you have that much room for batteries. Have CHAdeMO and L2 Charging standard.

Probably VerticalScope or InternetBrands that started it. They try do forums in everything.

Yup, VerticalScope, through their subsidiary.

Looks a bit like the Livewire.

“Is This the Victory Charger?”

Betteridge’s Law in full effect: