VIA Motors XTRUX Hits the Stage in Detroit


XTRUX Live in Detroit

XTRUX Live in Detroit

VIA Motors is now what we’d consider a mainstay in the auto show scene.

VIA VTRUX on Display in Detroit Too

VIA VTRUX on Display in Detroit Too

VIA typically wheels out something to show off to the press/public at the various auto sows hosted within the US.

The 2014 Detroit Auto Show was no exception.

Here we see the VIA Motors XTRUX pickup, which was first unveiled at last year’s NAIAS by Bob Lutz. XTRUX is a 800Hp, 4WD, up to 100 mpg, 35-mile electric range plug-in pick-up truck.

This truck fills us with envy, so we figured why not focus on lens on it again.

The XTRUX is the meaner cousin of the VIA Motors VTRUX.  The XTRUX has not been fully confirmed for production.

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I want

I’d like to see an interior shot.. What are they using for instrumentation? The standard chevy stuff, or something new?

iPad – “VIA plans to unveil its iPad in-Dash electric vehicle control system in the 2014 production vehicles.”

Has VIA sold ANY trucks to a paying customer yet?

Yes, from press releases, Via notes that it has begun filling a backlog of fleet orders.

Two weeks ago I watched a VIA passenger van drive by with Best Western logos all over it. For obvious reasons it still had the “electrified” graphics on it.

They should call this the “Model 11”, for those times when your Truck needs that extra push UP the cliff.

Yeah, turn up the “amps” to 11. Hahahaha….

…someone has to do it

It would have to be dual-motor, one would think…according to the website, the VTRUX 4×4 option only uses a standard transfer case. This XTRUX probably has a second motor for the front wheels.

So how many of these things do they make yearly, and what can we do to get some good info on them? Their website , to date , is pathetic.