VIA Motors Will Use PlugShare to Locate Nearest Charging Stations Through In-Dash App

JAN 15 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

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Bob Lutz Approves Recargo PlugShare for use in VIA Motors

VIA Motors’ first announcement at the 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was an agreement with Recargo to include PlugShare charging infrastructure information in VIA’s in-dash application.

Recargo’s PlugShare data base currently has listed over 28,000 charging points in North America, and 55,000 globally. Thanks to this cooperation, VIA owners will be able to locate the nearest charge stations not only using PlugShare website or apps on mobile devices, but also through VIA’s in-Dash electric vehicle control system.

VIA President, Alan Perriton stated:

“Including comprehensive charge station information in VIA’s electric vehicles will help our customers find a charge whenever and wherever they need one, which can improve vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions.”

Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo commented:

“We are very pleased that VIA has selected PlugShare to be included in the VTRUX connected vehicle and iPad offerings. We look forward to working with VIA and providing their drivers with an integrated and informed EV experience.”

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That would be a good app for GM’s myLink service too. Plugshare is my go-to app for finding stations.

I agree, it does seem to be the most up to date site. All the newest chargers and with people checking in so you know how reliable a station is. You should make an account to keep your neighbor’s apprised of any changes to your local chargers.

I have personally added at least six charging stations over the last two years to Plugshare. I have also added at least two dozen photos for other locations too.

I’d like to know if anyone thinks plugshare *isn’t* the best site after doing a comparison. I’d really like to know all the sites and rank the best and help let the out of date ones die.

I like Plugshare, but there are some BS charging locations (and duplicates). That’s the problem when anyone can add a charger. They need a team of people that can actually verify the chargers.

Funny thing about
. It doesn’t show up at my work. I can’t explain much more, since I can’t do network analysis (even just ping) here. I didn’t think anything of it until it acted the same way at Starbucks. Just a blank browser tab. The favicon and page title loads, though. Both IE and Chrome act the same way in each location. Works real fast at home on charter, and on my phone, though. As a network guy this piques my curiosity.

Get ‘Net Analyzer’ app. iPhone version works great! Whois is bs free.

I have used them all and Plugshare is the best available. I always make sure to go online and submit corrections for any errors regarding posted locations. Like Waze, it only works if the users work it. I do hope Nissan takes note of VIA’s decision, I would love for them to use Plugshare in Carwings (I would be happy to accept a disclaimer before use to satisfy Nissan’s legal bots)

I agree it is the best solution as it uses crowd-sourcing to keep the station data updated, but it is also somewhat unreliable and some of the charging networks do not want to provide PlugShare status data for their stations. I am currently having issues with my account. The mobile apps are flaky, use a lot of CPU time and crash. The web site does not have the same capabilities as the apps and vice versa.