VIA Motors Launches Discount Voucher Program In Chicago

MAY 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

VIA Motors 2014 VTRUX

VIA Motors 2014 VTRUX

VIA Motors announced the launch of an exclusive voucher program for the Chicago area’s fleet and business owners on top of the $7,500 tax credit.

“To offer additional assistance to Chicago commercial buyers, VIA Motors has announced the Drive Clean Chicago voucher program. To be eligible for the Drive Clean Chicago voucher program, the commercial vehicles must be used within the Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties.”

Three options available:

  • VIA Motors Extended Range Electric Pickup is now eligible for a $41,200 voucher
  • Extended Range Electric Passenger Van can be purchased with a voucher for $39,460.
  • VIA Motors Extended Range Electric Cargo Van is also eligible for a voucher of $42,892

According to the VIA Motors, the Drive Clean Chicago voucher together with the Federal Tax incentive decreases the price of the vehicles to the level of standard models.

“The Drive Clean Chicago program is designed to promote clean air and better business solutions for the area. By offering multiple commercial voucher opportunities, VIA Motors and Drive Clean Chicago hope to quicken the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies for commercial trucks and vans. With the cost of alternative fuel vehicles reduced, Chicago fleet owners will see economic gains while fostering a sustainable future for the area’s transportation system.”

Details on Drive Clean Chicago are available here.

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“Drive Clean Chicago, funded by resources from the federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program, supports Mayor Emanuel’s mission to make Chicago the most livable, sustainable and competitive city in the world.”

So VIA gets Chicago smog money, its not like VIA Motors is starting the program.

Is there any sales data for VIA Trucks/Vans to date?

Not seeing references in InsideEVs monthly roundup dashboard report.

So far deliveries of product has been specific to the DoE matching funds/closed delivery/fleet buys – so no numbers are hitting the InsideEVs scoreboard until they are qualified as public/road worthy EVs with federal accreditation.

I didn’t think InsideEVs had any plans to include commercial vehicles in its Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard; just passenger vehicles.

Jay, is there some discussion among the editors that this may change?

No, we don’t add in any 100% commercial vehicles at this point (and don’t plan to do so), which also includes things like eBuses.

If VIA starts to make public deliveries we will add in data points as they are mad available and/or disclosed via incentives, state data, recalls, etc

$40K for a VIA vehicle seems very cheap. I thought retail was $75K. That’s one hell of a voucher.

It is part of a $20 million dollar DoE draw down grant (originally SCAQMD based, now looks to include CMAQ it appears) that matches dollar-for-dollar what approved commercial/fleet partners pay for the vehicle.

Basically it is a “50% off sale while funds last” thing.

So far the funds have lasted a very long time (October 2013). Either because VIA is having trouble delivering, or they are having trouble selling them. Maybe a little of both.

I’ll vote for ‘a little of both’. The demonstrator that I drove this spring was rather disconcerting, with the engine in “load following mode”- turning on several seconds into an acceleration and then continuing to race after stopping at a light. It did a lot of revving up and down, more like an ultracap hybrid would feel than a big-battery PHEV should be. The rep kept making excuses, saying that engine control was a work in process due to CARB vacillations…