VIA Motors EREV Shuttle Van Made In-Service Debut at Sundance Film Festival


VIA Van First to Come to Market and First to Pass Independent Crash Tests

VIA Van First to Come to Market and First to Pass Independent Crash Tests

Quietly, VIA Motors wheeled out its EREV van for it in-service debut at the recent Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The van provided “private VIP electric shuttle van services to filmmakers and guests in association with Heretic Films.”

VIA Motors provides world’s first 100mpg electric shuttle van services to filmmakers, VIP’s and celebrities at Sundance Film Festival.

Heretic Films founder Burton Richie stated:

“We were very pleased to be the first to provide electric shuttle services to our VIP guests here at Sundance.  VIA’s clean electric vehicles echoes our strong commitment to the environment and we hope that this event will aid in their eventual adoption worldwide.”

How did VIA’s EREV van handle the up and down mountain runs?  Here’s what VIA CEO John Weber says:

“We have been extremely pleased with the van’s performance at the festival, running up and down the 10,000 foot mountain day in and day out with a full payload of passengers.  The festival provides us with the perfect opportunity to let filmmakers and the media see for themselves that electric vehicles are “ready for prime time” in almost any type of duty.”

Commercial fleets can place an order for VIA’s EREV van today.  Deliveries will begin in earnest before Q1 of 2014 comes to an end.

Woot!!!  There Exists a Larger Image

Woot!!! There Exists a Larger Image

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Did they bother charging it and how?

Yeh what good is a 40 mile EREV if it loaded with passengers and climbing a 10000′ mountain all day.

How about loads of torque from its electric motor?

Or all the regen coming back down?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

It gets most of that back on the way down 😉

The Website info is a bit suspect but as I read it you have 3 choices: 1.5 kw (120 volt plug as normal), 3.0 kw (240 volt plug at 12 amps – plug into a big window air conditioner socket for instance), or 6.6 kw EVSE 30 amp of your choice. They are currently pushing the canadian (rebranded clippercreek) SunCountryHighway ’40’ (a 30 amp charger which gives you the full 6.6 kw on 220 or better).

Regen is what I appreciate most about my hybrid (other than the fact that the engine doesn’t run at low speeds or while stopped at lights). Hybrids are so much more efficient over their all-ICE counterparts. Such a deceptively simple idea: apply deceleration by generating power from the vehicle’s momentum, store that power, then use the stored power to provide acceleration! And, of course, your brakes last much longer…

Being a big vehicle, and having a big battery, it needs a significant rate of deceleration, and that battery can provide that for quite a while before filling up and needing the hydraulic brakes.

It only ever happened to me once in my hybrid…driving out of the mountains of the Shenandoah National Park…halfway down, the charge/assist needle was at it’s zero location, and the brakes were starting to heat up noticeably by the time I got to the bottom (from the driver’s seat, I could see the air being disturbed by the rising heat from the front wheel wells).