VIA Motors Brings Three New EVs To NAIAS In January

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No One Tells Bob Lutz To Retire

Utilizing outspoken board member, and former Vice Chairman of GM, Bob Lutz, VIA Motors will unveil three new full size electric vehicles at the 2013 North American International Auto Show on January 14th, 2013.

Of the three vehicles, VIA gives us a preview of what to expect:

  • a high-performance 4WD pick-up truck with an 800 horse-power option called the “X-Truck,”
  • a technology-packed, luxury class 4WD SUV,
  • the first-ever extended range electric 12-passenger van, for ride-share and shuttle applications.

Earlier this year, VIA introduced the world’s first extended range electric (eREV) pick-up truck, and cargo van that will begin production in 2013 for fleet sales.

VIA Suburban-Based SUV (click to enlarge)

For the most part it appears that VIA has already shown the SUV, based off the Chevrolet Suburban through their website, but it will be nice to get a good look at all three of these new vehicles up close at the show in Detroit.

“These three new offerings demonstrate VIA’s commitment to electrify the top-selling vehicles that use the most gas and can therefore benefit the most from converting to low-cost electric fuel, while at the same time, reducing more emissions to benefit the communities they serve,” said VIA’s president Alan Perriton.

VIA Lineup Of Future Vehicles (Truck, Suburban And Van)

VIA works with OEM partners to convert popular vehicles into electric versions of themselves, enabling full-size trucks, vans & SUVs to drive like the top selling Chevy Volt, allowing them to perform the same duty as a conventional vehicle, while “capturing huge operational savings that can pay for the vehicle over time.”

The original VTRUX family of extended range trucks are expected to be delivered to customers in 2013, and have a starting price of around $79,000.

It is worth noting that three new models, although seemingly similar to those already slated for production, would bring VIA’s model stable to eight vehicles in total.  With the sordid history of EV-conversion start-ups, we would be happy to see them produce just one successfully.

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Anthony Fiti

VIA motors needs to deliver their three models they are currently planning before moving forward. If they’re successful, they wont need to build other vehicles because GM will likely just straight up buy them.

Bill Howland

They always seem to want to overpower these things. For instance, I will never need an 800 hp truck. It would be nice if we could optionize or accessorize these things.

I would want a very small ‘genset’ (4 cyl engine from opel (volt) ) would be more than enough for me. But I’d like a 48 kwh battery or even bigger so that I could drive 80 miles in the spring or fall, or 25 miles in the winter before using the engine. Other people might want a choice in onboard chargers, trim levels, 2 or 4 wheel drive (2 is fine for me), or a more powerful gas engine and a smaller battery… Since they used to have zillions of options 50 years ago, I don’t see why that kind of accomdation can’t be made now.


Probably cost. As equipped these trucks have a very steep initial cost. Speaking of high cost using high strenghth lighter materials such as Al-Mg alloys, carbon fiber and polymers may go a long way instead of using the traditional gliders. Ideally at some point these tucks will not need a generator at all.

Bill Howland
I don’t buy the “cost” argument.. 50-60 years ago you could have all kinds of options or delete options, changing almost everyting on the car. Today they build multiple car lines on the same assy line. With totally different parts lists. What with Cad/Cam, and computerized assy, I really don’t see the problem in making a few actually very minor changes.. Should have a Zero cost effect. The Trend these days on all cars is “Take it or Leave It”. It was this inflexibility by Tesla that finally had me decide against the model S. I will keep my Roadster for quite a while longer then. One small example (not the only reason, but its illustrative of their inflexibility): The UMC is an accessory to the car, not even part of the basic car itself. I said I dont need it, and since you charge $500 to someone who damages or loses theirs to replace it, take $500 off my list, and sell ‘mine’ to the next person who damages/loses theirs. They said corporate policy is against that.. No reason, they’re just being bull-headed. Another peeve was ranger service for me will get alot more expensive, during the warranty period,… Read more »