Veteran’s Day Tesla Model X Video


Back on Veteran’s day, Tesla Motors unveiled a unique Model X as a salute to military veterans.

Now, there’s brief video showcases that one-off version of the Model X.

And yes, the video does show the falcon doors in action.

Veteran's Day Tesla Model X

Veteran’s Day Tesla Model X

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8 responses to "Veteran’s Day Tesla Model X Video"
  1. ffbj says:

    Falcon wing doors seem to be a bit off, .40-42 seconds in, one of the common knocks against them, but hey if it quacks like a duck..etc.

  2. Foo says:

    Yes sir, Tesla, sir!

  3. Goodbyegascar says:

    The invasion of gascar territory is already underway.

  4. GSP says:

    Very nicely done.


  5. Ambulator says:

    Covering up one fourth of the screen for the whole video with a request to subscribe is insane.

    1. Foo says:

      You can always click the X to make it go away.

  6. Well, if they can do a nice decoration – maybe someone can take it – and stretch it to double length Limo! Add a second Pack – and make the Model X P180DLL (Performance, 180 kWh, Dual Motor, Ludicrous, Limo!)

  7. MDEV says:

    Some missiles are missing under the falcon doors. 😉