Vermont Passes 2 Public Charging Station Initiatives


Probably Don't Need a Charging Station Here

Probably Don’t Need/Wouldn’t Want a Charging Station Here

Before and after National Plug In Day seems to be the right time to announce statewide plug-in initiatives.  California did it by announcing it passed 6 bills related to plug-in vehicles.  Now, Vermont is doing it by announcing the passage of two charging station initiatives.

But in Cities Like Burlington, VT A Few Chargers Would be Appreciated

But in Cities Like Burlington, VT A Few More Chargers Would be Appreciated

Though Vermont’s bill aren’t as big as those signed in California, it’s interesting to see that, even with only a limited number of plug-in vehicles statewide, Vermont is already ensuring its plugged-in future.

Here’s a basic rundown of the 2 initiatives passed in Vermont:

  • The first initiative expands the State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) loan program administered by the Vermont Economic Development Agency (VEDA). Under the SIB program, municipalities and businesses can obtain loans for the construction and installation of EV charging stations at a fixed interest rate of 1%.
  • The second initiative provides financial resources for electric vehicle charging stations in Vermont’s designated downtowns.  Jointly developed by the Agency of Natural Resources and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, this initiative provides matching grants to build a statewide network of municipal publicly accessible charging stations within Vermont’s 24 Designated Downtowns. The program will fund 75% of the cost of installing electric vehicle charging stations in eligible areas.

As we mentioned above, it’s interesting to note that Vermont is currently home to only 300 or so plug-in vehicles.  This figure is expected to rise rapidly and, as such, Vermont wants to be ready for the influx of plug-in vehicles.

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If Vermont is home to 300 plug-in cars, I bet 298 of them are in Burlington. Most of the state is incredibly rural, and the people seem to love Subarus and trucks. It is interesting to see this particular state passing bills to encourage plug-ins.

True, but luckily, there are few main thoroughfares along the state. Well positioned Level 3 chargers would do well. I think the big ‘if’ for VT is really the level of performance in extreme cold, and I do mean extreme. VT may simply be one of those places where an EV is better left as an around town/local vehicle.

Yeah, I wonder how the model S is going to fair with Norwegian buyers. The vampire loss is pretty bad in very cold weather. Be interesting to see if Tesla fixes the problem by this winter.

With the continual shutdown of more power plants, I wonder how demand charges are going to work. Without a solar panel or windmill, I’d think charging during the day at L3 rates would be increasingly difficult.

Driving all over VT this summer in my Volt, I was surprised at how many solar farms there were….