The Verge Reviews BMW i8 – Video


BMW i8 Reviewed by The Verge

BMW i8 Reviewed by The Verge

The Verge checks out the all new BMW i8… You know, the car that feels like “it was teleported from another dimension“.

That was one of many comments that The Verge made in regards to the i8.

The comments from almost every i8 review we’ve seen now consist of it standing out, attracting attention, performing exceptionally well and hinting towards the future of motoring.  All those comments are present here, but The Verge focuses on its high price tag too: ~ $136,000.

The price is debatable on the “is it worth it?” factor, but the “cool” factor is absolutely there… Just look at it, inside and out!

Check out the video and then let us know if you agree with The Verge’s BMW i8 review

BMW i8 Interior

BMW i8 Interior

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