Venucia e30 (Nissan LEAF) To Launch In China This September


Yupe, We Are Here In Beijing For Auto China 2014 - The Venucia E30 Is Too

Yupe, We Are Here In Beijing For Auto China 2014 – The Venucia E30 Is Too

Venucia Logo

Venucia Logo

It’s been nearly three years in the making, but finally Dongfeng Nissan has an official release date for the Chinese market Nissan LEAF, which is called Venucia e30.

For the record, there are already a few hundred Venucia e30s on Chinese roads, but those are government fleet vehicles.  216 Venucia e30s were sold in China in 2013.

Starting this September, sales of the Venucia e30 will begin to the general public.

Per Dongfeng Nissan:

Dongfeng Nissan also announced that e30, Venucia’s electric vehicle, will be sold in the retail market starting in September. The company has already commenced EV pilot programs in the cities of Guangzhou, Xiangyang and Dalian, with a total of 300 e30s recording a total mileage of one million km since the programs started in December 2013.

We still don’t have word on pricing of the Venucia e30 in China, but at least we’re now one step closer to seeing how the Nissan LEAF Venucia e30 fares in terms of sales on the Chinese market.

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Specs any different than USA LEAF?

From pictures I’ve seen previously, the e30 didn’t have e.g. the back-up camera, but there was no indication of more drastic changes like a different drivetrain (e.g. smaller motor or battery).

No idea if Dongfeng Nissan will offer multiple trims, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the e30 was otherwise mostly a Leaf S. This one has fog lamps though…

They managed to make the Leaf look worse.

Yes, I agree…
– even though that is quite easy as the original Leaf is pretty cool looking… I mean, any random change will be for worse 😉

Removing “Carp Mouth” helps… The Chinese front looks much better in a three quarter view.

Yeah, but they replaced it with “frog mouth”.

Are they manufacturing in China? Will it qualify for the rebates and skip the registration lottery?

Yes, Nissan announced a $785 million dollar investment into the Venucia JV brand (along with Dongfeng) a couple years ago…this is the follow-through on that; bringing about the 4th production site for LEAF-based manufacturing.

These will be Chinese-made EVs out of Dalian city and as such will qualify for rebates – the registration lottery/EV sales in city centers is another matter.

Thanks for the info Jay!

That means the LEAF will be very affordable in China, at least in USD. It will be interesting to see if it gets real sales traction.

I think the exemption to the registration lottery would be the biggest stimulus to sales, similar to the HOV lane access in California.

So the $785 million is the cost to ‘partner’ and manufacture this in China? That’s a massive investment.
If Tesla has to do the same, it will likely incur same kind of expense. Some analysts are very right. Auto industry is extremely capital intensive.

I always wondered why the Leaf didn’t sell better in China when I’ve seen the sales figures.
But now I understand why the numbers weren’t higher. China is looking to explode as an EV market. How long until it’s the number one EV market?

At least two years…