Venturi Freezes America And Voxan Wattman


Voxan Wattman

Voxan Wattman

Venturi Automobiles is experiencing some troubles and it seems that its electric buggy America, with 250 km (155 miles) of range, and electric motorcycle Voxan Wattman projects have been suspended.

The company laid off 17 out of 33 employees, and now intends to focus on competition and electric powertrains in Formula E.

The Venturi VBB-3 and Venturi Antarctic will be continued.

We imagine switching to a  supplier/developer and team role will be difficult for the small EV manufacturer, but likely its only option to survive.

Source: Association AVEM

The Venturi VBB-3

The Venturi VBB-3

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Too bad, that was a nice looking little buggy.

Never heard of this thing before. It’s cute but seems a bit impractical to use as a normal car thus it would only have a tiny market. Probably not economical to build such a niche vehicle.