UPDATE: VBOX Results Put Tesla Model 3 Performance At 3.18 Seconds To 60 MPH


Can the Tesla Model 3 Performance zero-to-60-mph time get much better than this?

***UPDATE: With a full charge, a new time of 3.18 seconds was set for 0 to 60 MPH. Check out the video directly below:

Now that the Model 3 Performance is available for test drives and some reservation holders have started to take delivery, we’ve seen more reviews and videos surfacing. More specifically, those that talk about the sedan’s quickness. We recently published a few, including one that we timed at 3.5 seconds, along with another from YouTuber Erik Strait (DAErik), in which he reported 3.15 seconds (with a carload of people).

After those initial videos, My Tesla Adventure posted a time of 3.32 seconds on Instagram. There’s no video to go with that claim, but the Tesla blogger shared his VBOX results showing a 3.32-second time, as reported by Teslarati.

Back to the first DAErik video … we wanted to remind you that we were a bit skeptical of the 3.15-second time and there was no VBOX to validate it. Our own Domenick Yoney timed it himself and got 3.56 seconds, which makes more sense being that the car was loaded down with three passengers.

Following My Tesla Adventure’s lead and seemingly in an attempt to validate the Model 3 Performance zero-to-60-mph time, Erik Strait made a few more attempts – this time with the VBOX running. He was in the car alone for these latest tests. Erik notes that the Model 3 is at an 86 percent charge, but still, he’s able to match the 3.32-second time. However, he doesn’t pull off a 3.15. Who knows … with a full charge, perhaps he could have shaved off a bit more time.

What do you think will be the record zero-to-60-mph time for the Tesla Model 3 Performance? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Courtesy of DAErik on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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P85D territory. Not too shabby!

M3 Owned- Niro EV TBD - Former 500e and Spark EV,

It’s not just straight line acceleration — this is an all around FUN car to drive and capable enough to do all the daily family stuff without complaints. 4+golden, all the junk in the trunk and legs to go the distance entire weekend with range anxiety — and performance fun drive to boot. 🙂

What about actual kids – car seats, booster seat or teen ager?

M3 Owned- Niro EV TBD - Former 500e and Spark EV,

Two teenagers 15 and 17 + a 70# golden — They prefer the Model 3 over the G37.

The CR-V still wins in longer/larger hauls because it has a larger and accessible cargo area.

Max State of charge is critical to get best results. I put a Dragy on the same car Eli (3.32 seconds) recorded earlier in the day at virtually Max/Full charge) and “only” recorded 3.77 seconds best time, but by the later in the day test drive window I got, the charge level was down to around 65% of Max. But I would project that in “ideal conditions” whatever those ARE, a M3P/AWD might well go under 3.2 seconds with ONE person on board…with the current software limits. Now if Tesla tweaks the “Performance” car software limits…..Dreams are made of stuff like that!

Would be nice to know if the 1foot roll out setting on the Vbox was used. Impressive if it was not used. On my Dragy GPS performance meter, the 0-60 times are at least .20 seconds slower than the Vbox because it does not use the 1ft rollout. (which is kind of a fake measurement anyways, designed for drag strip staging light set ups). While I was testing the P100D in Ludicrous Launch mode many different times, the absolute quickest time I could get without the 1ft roll out was 2.83. seconds With a 1ft roll out it would have been less than 2.63 seconds on the Vbox.

With a gutted out Model 3 and sticky tires you might get 0-60 in 3 seconds flat Go tesla GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS AND DIESELS

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

At least this video doesn’t have 2 passengers when timing the run………lol

It would be informative to do a run in the opposite direction on that exact same stretch of road. It seems that the beginning of the run to 60 miles per hour is the section that has the biggest downhill slope.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Sorry for the off-topic post, but has anyone here seen info on this new startup that is planning to make electric pickup trucks?


It seems like they’ve got some kind of fundraising thing going on a site that’s kind of a Kickstarter for cars:


Do they have anything other than that? Working prototype, land for a factory, battery contract, etc?

Another Euro point of view

And yet some say that the Tesla Model 3 shuts down when it detects being at less than 20 miles of the Nürburgring 🙂

You need to work on your jokes, man.