Vayon Acquires Mission Motor Company

APR 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

The Mission One, ca 2007

The Mission One, ca 2007

Mission Motor Company, which several years ago appeared as a potential ‘Tesla Motors of motorcycles’, quickly found out that the commercialization of the Mission One was beyond reach.

Plan B was to become supplier for the automotive industry, and more recently the company was also engaged with Mission Motorycycles – a separate company that wanted to introduce Mission Motorcycles to the market (which didn’t happened). See Mission RS featured by Translogic.

Got all that?  Good.

The latest news is that Mission Motor itself was acquired by Vayon, which we believe will use Mission to expand its “core capabilities of the first-tier supply to niche producers and OEMs’ niche products“.

“Vayon Holdings Limited (“Vayon”), the low carbon technology group announced today that it has acquired the Mission Motor Company (“Mission”), based in San Francisco, California. Mission is a developer and supplier of innovative electric powertrain technologies designed to provide optimal power for their size and weight.

Mission is best known for developing the famous ‘Mission-RS’ electric motorbike which showcases their high performance products such as high power motor inverters, liquid cooled electric motors, DC-DC converters, battery management systems and the Skyline telematics platform. The acquisition will also provide additional testing capability including high voltage and battery testing, electric motor testing and climate chambers.”

Mission Motorcycles Mission RS

Mission Motorcycles Mission RS

Shane Hussain, Chairman of Vayon, said:

“The acquisition of Mission, with their strong portfolio of electric powertrain technologies and Skyline Telematics, fits perfectly with Vayon’s strategy. By expanding our range of high performance solutions and accelerating the development of advanced telematics and cutting edge software, we are strengthening our position for accelerated growth in both the connected car and electric powertrain sector.”

About Vayon:

“Vayon’s core capabilities are the first-tier supply to niche producers and OEMs’ niche products, including prototyping and low-volume component manufacture.  The group has operational businesses operating in 3 main sectors – energy storage, vehicle technologies and gas technologies with a fourth cross-sector group managing data and software, control systems and component sales.  Vayon has an extensive portfolio of products and services across these business sectors and has built an extensive global customer base including more than 25 blue-chip clients.”

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A lot of money for a Bike …

It’s even more money for a non-bike.

Mission never actually supplied anything to anybody, expect press releases. Good riddance.

But it was a hell of a bike.

I’m really sorry to see Mission Motors go. Until a few months ago, I thought Mission was proof that there was at least one innovative company that proved it’s possible to carve out a market niche in the field of designing and building EVs which doesn’t require putting a car (or truck) into production.

Here’s hoping that Vayon has better success in the field.

I take it you’ve never heard of Zero Motorcycles then?

Hard not to, with all the InsideEVs articles about Zero!

I confess, though, that I haven’t been paying attention to that company.

Then why did you think Mission was the only hope? They never sold a single bike.

There is a lot of back room drama behind the Mission Motorcycle story. Some of the details are over on Pretty sad though, would have loved to have seen this bike come to the market.

So, are they going to revive the Mission motorcycle??? Come on insideevs, don’t leave us hanging!

I am sorry for the supplier of Mission Motor Company.
It is strategy of Vayon Group not to pay the bills.