Vauxhall Cuts Ampera Pricing In UK: Reduces Base Price By £3,000 ($4,700 US)

SEP 11 2013 BY JAY COLE 8

Now You Can Also Afford A Car Port To Go With Your Vauxhall Ampera

Now You Can Also Afford a Car Port to go With Your Vauxhall Ampera

On Monday, Opel reduced the price of the Ampera in Germany by a significant amount –  7,600 euros, which is about $10,000 USD, so it only stands to reason that its sister car – the Vauxhall Ampera, would have to do the same.

Unfortunately, the Brits got less than half what the Germans did, as £3,000 was taken off the MSRP, which works out to be about $4,700 USD

We Quite Like The Re-Styling Of The Chevrolet Volt In The UK

We Quite Like The Re-Styling Of The Chevrolet Volt In The UK

The only difference between the Opel and Vauxhall Ampera (besides driving sides), which in itself is a re-skinned Chevrolet Volt (a look that we at InsideEVs actually prefer) is that the Opel insignia gets removed for Vauxhall’s iconic Griffin logo on the extended range car when sold in the UK.

As for the price reduction itself – General Motors has reduce the cost from £29,995 – post  £5,000 grant (or $47,000 USD) to  £26,995 (or $42,300 USD).

Ampera sales, both of the Opel and Vauxhall variety, throughout Europe kicked off slightly below expectations in 2012 with around 7,000 sold (which was still not too shabby), but 2013 has seen a fairly drastic drop-off as new competition at lower prices has hit the market – GM has only about 1,500 sold thus far.

Vauxhall Chairman Duncan Aldred pretty much reiterated that plug-in demand has been fairly poor for EVs in Europe to date, and that the Ampera has not been a financial windfall for GM in the region:

“So far the market for EVs across Europe is only about 30% of what the experts forecast and so something has to be done to encourage buyers….“We have to be able to showcase this sort of technology and we feel the time is right anyway to make Ampera more affordable to as many people as possible. This was never a model that was going to make a lot of money.”

Hopefully this new pricing structure will bring a lot more of the Volt’s extended range technology to the UK.

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But it was already cheaper there.
26995+5000=32k GBP = 38k EUR, so end price is the same Germany have
Moreover in UK you will get 5k GBP immediate discount.

There is a notable difference between the Opel and the Vauxhall/Holden. The Opel is left-hand drive just like the volume Chevy version sold in the US, the much more limited volume Vauxhall/Holden are right-hand drive. Though unlikely for the different parts to make up the cost difference, there probably is one.

What about the price of the UK/European versions of the Chevy Volt?

That’s a fair point, I’ll mention the LHD/RHD thing. The Vauxhall boss actually did mention that the Euro-Volts would be getting a price cut too, and they would announce shortly. Think they wanted to space out all the announcements (at least it seems that way).

Do these prices include VAT? If that’s the case, then these are very comparable to the US prices.

Yes. All end user prices in Europe must include VAT, only exception is, if you are a pure b2b shop.

In Holland the price of the Ampera didn’t go down at all!

I wrote to Opel and the answer was there is no intention to lower prices before 2014. This has to do with the large amount of reservations for the end of 2013, caused by a change of tax calculation on the 1st of January (electric cars become less interesting as company cars by then; in 2013 they are extremely attractive for enterprises).

So probably they wait for January, when they will lower the price to counter the tax change. But that is my guess.

Not only that but they start to tell they don’t have it in their garage and you have to go to another one to buy it. When you go there they send you to yet another one and they try in the mean time to sell you a pure thermal. There you go, we are right in what Tesla denounces when telling oil cars sellers aren’t the right people to sell electrics.

This car looks awful. It looks like its been crying and mascara ran down its face.