Vandals Purposely Set Fire To Tesla Model S, X – Video


Charred Remains Of A Burned Tesla – Image via Echt Amsterdams Nieuws

Over in Vondelstraat, Amsterdam, reports are surfacing claiming that vandals purposely set fire to a Tesla Model S and X. Charred remains are all that’s left.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen “vandals” in the vicinity of the two cars. The witness reports state that the individuals were seen deliberately and purposely setting the cars ablaze.

The two burned vehicles were parked approximately a football field in length apart (100 yards).

There’s no indication as to why the vehicles were torched at this time, but a local resident claims its no coincidence that both burned cars were electric:

“That’s no coincidence. It’s an expensive car. One was here, I saw it from my balcony. The other around the corner at the Vondel Church. Another car was damaged, but that was because it was so close.”

One of the owners of the burned Teslas was contacted by local news. He issued this statement:

“My wife woke me because the car’s alarm went off. We soon realized that it was a fire because of the smoke and smell. The children were sleeping, so we were shocked. We have camera images of the two arsonists, which we shared with the police. Apparently, someone is not a fan of progress. He (the Tesla) is fairly new, and I only had him for four months, but I think I am well insured.”

*Additional Images here

Source: Echt Amsterdams Nieuws

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Crazy people

I hope that the police will find the vandals.

They must be punished for having done this.

I feel very sorry for the owners, and I hope that they will receive new Tesla’s from the insurance company.

My house is at a distance of approximately 90 km from the Vondelstraat in Amsterdam.

And I haven’t been to Amsterdam for a very long time.

So, it wasn’t me.

I hope they find them and punish the hell out of them too. Messing up other people’s property is not acceptable at all, no matter what in a society that honors private property.

Unlikely – in the Nerherlands you barely get a week in prison for fhis sort of thing. The Amsterdam police is as a result powerless to act against such vandals. Apending a few days in prison is like a badge of honour for thesw idiots.

Maybe simply Holding their hands above a candle, still and unmoving, for the same length of time as these fires burnt, at even 5-6″ above the flame, would be a start of the training: Don’t Play With Fire! Mext, find something they own, thar They Love, and Need, uninsured, and Burn It!

This ain’t no stealing a loaf of bread because you’re hungry! And in some places, that can cost a hand!
I don’t know? Am I being a bit tough?

“Vandals”? May be interesting to get more information on these “Vandals”.

The vandals should get Life in prison.

Why exactly? Who did they kill? Your personal sacred idol to the future? Sorry, not a capital punishment.

I agree that life in prison sounds too harsh for a property crime.

Having said that, life in prison isn’t a capital punishment.

Life in prison is super expensive for the society. Either rehabilitation or a bullet, both are much cheaper and faster.

If the second part is not an option then the first one is the only way to go.

It’s going to happen sometimes. Tesla is known as a rich person’s car and largely it is. Of course there are other rich person’s cars, many that cost even more, but the difference is the image that Tesla and Elon Musk himself really promote of aloof smugness. Superiority and being ahead of all the regular, less enlightened people. And then there is the whole “green to save the planet baggage” too.

For God’s sake, the CEO of Tesla muses about launching his “old” car that is still worth a significant mount, into space just because he thinks it would be cool. Right on Twitter for everybody to see! Everything he goes on about is cool shiny things for affluent people. A future that largely does not include the working class, or lower classes.

Tesla is annoying because it rubs the lower classes inferiority in their faces. More so than any luxury car before it.

Seriously? Really? It was quite a few decades ago when the heard the joke about “what’s the difference between a porcupine and a Porsche” and it was an old joke then.

Yep, now there is a new Porsche. I’d lay odds that once the Model 3 hits the road in bigger numbers, it too will quickly gain a deserved reputation for obnoxious behavior.

These feelings of inferiority you feel may be helped with therapy Dav8or, or…it may be more deep seated.

You should seriously consider therapy, if a car company and its CEO can seriously arise such feelings in you. So much so that you’re posting this apparently in defense of vandals who destroyed people’s property with no provocation.

Plus, Tesla and Elon are making the Model 3, a car that will start at 35k, and their mission is to accelerate the transition to electric transportation. And you’re more upset about them than car companies that make million dollar supercars exclusively for the richest of the rich? Get a grip.

You and pretty much all the other responders completely misunderstood my post. Just trying to point out the optics of Tesla and why these vandals chose Tesla and ONLY Tesla as their target. I’m sure that same road, or neighborhood also had Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches parked there, but they skipped them and went for Tesla. Why in your opinion would they do that? Just totally random and these people don’t know one car from another? What is your explanation?

Sorry, but do you realy want to look like an idiot?

Just trying to fit in.

Your comment is disgraceful and a very sad reflection on your psychology. Are you sure you don’t know who did it or are one of them? In any case, therapy, as has been suggested could do you some good.

Model 3 is for whom then?

Upper middle class and the upper class. The same people that buy Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc. Do these cars sound working class to you? Likely you live in a bubble like the Bay Area. You figure that you have a job and you work and you wear jeans and have a Carhart jacket that you’re working class. The guy, or gal that vacuums the floor once you go home is working class. Tesla is not for them.

The first job I had after finishing High School was in Concrete Construction, working on the Railway. Was that not ‘Working Class’?

It is quite common in Europe for communists or pseudo-greens to set expensive cars on fire. Anyone not living on state welfare or owning a car (even a green one) is an “aloof smug” for those people.
But I guess you already know that, you hateful communist!

Me a communist? Hardly. Is that what it is when you can have empathy for people in the lower classes and understand their frustrations? Sorry. I didn’t get the memo.

Since I personally believe that communism sucks, I will try harder to be a heartless bastard and not give a damn.

Hey! What is a “Lower Class?” I grew up on a Farm, with only about 7 acres of 160, as usable (Limited Water, Mountain Bench Land), some times had ‘Hand Me Down’ clothes while attending school, but still was Rich in Attitude, Fresh Air, and Scenery! Even had a Mountain to climb for better views right in the back yard! So, what is ‘Lower Class’ but at Attitude?

“Tesla is annoying because it rubs the lower classes inferiority in their faces.”


@ Dav8or Tesla is annoying because it rubs the lower classes inferiority in their faces. More so than any luxury car before it.


LOL. Musk projects “smugness”.
Found the Russian Troll.

I wonder how one would go about lighting a car on fire, especially one with no oil or gas on board. It looks like it was just the front on both cars, so perhaps they poured gasoline on the hood. But would just burning the hood lead to a general meltdown that progressed all the way down to the wheels? It looks almost like acid melted through. I’m just wondering whats actually flammable in the burned parts of the cars? The batteries appear safe and unharmed.

Common way to burn up any car is smashing a window and pouring flammable liquid to the interior. However, in this case interior seems intact. It looks like the fire has started from frunk or from passenger side front tire.

Today’s safety glasses are tough to smash (effort, and most criminals are lazy fux, otherwise they would work for a living), make a loud noise and thus create a disturbance poeple in the vicinity might want to check out, in case there is something interesting to see. Burning liquid is also messy and can easily cause injuries, and residue can be traced long after the crime, should the police catch the suspect. This is why many arsonists in Europe’s cities use small slow burning parrafin bricks (sold in every supermarket for lighting of charcoal fires for barbeque) which they place on top of the tires, and then light them with standard lighter or match. Also creates less attention than hauling around a can of gasoline. Almost no traces and the axxxole who done it has calmly walked away several 100 meters until the fire (burning tire) gets noticable. Happens in Berlin every day, all kinds of luxury vehicles are torched there. Seldomly they catch one of the criminals, and the all claim to be “innocent”, “just binding a shoelace next to that car and lighting a cigarette, don’t knwo why it caught fire, officer”

Wow. I had not heard of this going on in Europe.

Thanks for the insight.

Is that a Sh**hole country?

here the kids admire Tesla,and the future technology, the founder is their legitimate Idol!!!…..vs. Diesel gate,Trumply etc,etc.

Martin Eberhard is their idol?

These morons are everywhere I live in a small backwater town that had one L2 charger on the towns car park, it didn’t last 6 months before vandals smashed it.

It just beggars belief what goes through their minds to do this damage.

Of course nobody wants to charge up on the replacement charging post for fear of damage to their EV now Grrr.

Regular visitors of this comment section know there is some particularly obsessed Tesla haters out there, some staking out this forum 24/7 for opportunities to post their bile. No telling what such lonely crackpots are capable off.

I know the area where this happened. There are other (more)expensive cars parked all around.
Don’t forget that over here, in the Netherlands, if you are succesfull or above average, people tend to ‘cut your head of’. In the US, people tend more towards ‘wow’ or wish all the best.

So was I close to the mark with my post above? Most here think I’m a Russian communist troll that just hates Tesla. I was just trying to give a possible explanation as to what would motivate a person to do a thing like this and that the optics of Tesla aren’t all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows to everyone.

Model 3 fans are starting to get a little carried away.

Add two more orders to the already existing backlog of 400k+ Model 3 “Production Hell” cars, waiting to be fulfilled.

If the vandals own an ICE car then shove clay or something that sets real solid up its exhaust pipe.

Ahhh! Much better than a Potato! Or, Squirt expanding foam up the pipe?

In Sweden burning cars is almost a national sport nowadays. It’s rarely even reported on anymore.

I doubt this has anything to do with it being a Tesla or electric car, it’s just an act of vandalism.

Seems a bit more than ‘Random’ with 2 Teslas at 100+ meters apart, when an MB, Audi, Porsche, VW, Citroen, Skoda, SEAT, Jaguar, Land Rover, or Other, from the area, was not set on fire!


Maybe they couldn’t make the payments and had the cars taken car of?

If connected back to them, ‘Insurance Fraud’ would cost them probably more than the Arsonists, from the conversations shared here!

Burning up to 1000 cars every NYE is a tradition in parts of France–

DON’T mention the “I” or “M” words- that’s Islamophobic.
Quote– “The rioting was fueled by anger at France’s failure to offer equal opportunities to many minorities — especially Arabs and blacks — and France’s 5 million-strong Muslim population.”

So, you see it is FRANCE’S fault!