Vanda Electrics Announces The Dendrobium, Singapore’s First-Ever Hypercar

JAN 27 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Vanda Electrics will debut its version of an electric hypercar – the Dendrobium, from the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

The Dendrobium: Singapore’s First-Ever Hypercar

The Dendrobium: Singapore’s First-Ever Hypercar

Singapore’s first-ever hypercar” was developed together with Williams Advanced Engineering and potentially could enter very limited production (10-20 units) if received well.

‘Potential’ pricing was not released, but we assume if you are asking, you probably can’t afford it anyway.

“Dendrobium’s high-tech componentry will be clothed in a remarkable body featuring an automatic roof and doors, which open in a synchronized, theatrical manner, resembling a fully-opened dendrobium flower, a genus of orchids native to Singapore.

Vanda Electrics has engaged Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology and engineering services division of the Williams Group – which also includes Williams Martini Racing – as its technical partner to build the Dendrobium concept and assist in future project development. The division specialises in race-bred aerodynamics, composites, batteries and electric drivetrains.

The interior of the Dendrobium will feature the finest Scottish leather from Bridge of Weir Leather Company, which sources the best hides from the best heritage breeds and has adopted the very latest technology. The result is the lowest carbon tannery and leather product in the world.”

As of yet, no specs have been released, but according to some reports, the two-seater is to be equipped with four YASA motors, and able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 3 seconds, with top speed of 320 km/h (about 200 mph).

Range is expected to be at 240 km (150 miles).

The Dendrobium: Singapore’s First-Ever Hypercar

The Dendrobium: Singapore’s First-Ever Hypercar

Other projects of Vanda Electrics is the decidedly less sexy “Ant Truck”, a low-speed truck, and also an e-scooter.

Ant Truck

Ant Truck

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It’s kind of sad when the PS4 or XBox One have more realistic car sequences than this companies spot 🙂

On the plus side though if they go bankrupt here’s to hoping they don’t get sued for the $10M it cost to make it!

A little hard to make out the shape of it but it could be pretty sexy. Not sure I like the name. I’m intrigued by the ant truck. Seems to me this could have a greater impact on pollution than yet another million dollar supercar.

Totally and it doesnt look so bad actually!

Wow, the new Batman trailer looks like just one long chase scene.

I guess if you really need to make a midnight run from Tuas to the airport in under a half hour without making a sound, here’s your car.

Though baffling and largely irrelevant to almost everyone, these ultra expensive and rare “hypercars” do push the limits of technology. The fact that this micro-segment has been trending towards hybrid and pure electric is a boon for the EV movement, in terms of research, development, and PR.


So, a company which makes an electric scooter and an electric utility vehicle, now claims it’s going to be making not merely an electric “supercar”, but an electric “hypercar”?

Move over, Faraday Future. You’ve got competition for most ridiculous hype from a wannabe electric car manufacturer!

Oh, BTW Vanda: If you really do get close to production on that supercar, then you should really re-think the name. A 10-letter, four-syllable name for a flower… not exactly gonna appeal to the high-performance supercar market segment.

Might as well have called it “Unobtainium” since only the likes of Bill Gates can afford it.

I can picture a bunch of Russians at a bar, raising their glasses and shouting the name of this car!

It sounds better in the original Klingon. 😉

Vapor Electrics.