Vancouver’s Goal? 50,000 Plug-Ins On The Road By 2020


Listed among the goals laid out in Vancouver’s “Greenest City 2020” initiative is a target for plug-in vehicles on the city’s road: 50,000.

Some of Vancouver's "Greenest City" Achievements

Some of Vancouver’s “Greenest City” Achievements

Vancouver’s push to get 50,000 EVs on its roads in less than 6 years’ time is ambitious, but as part of that effort, the city is making sure that more public charging stations go in the ground to entice potential EV buyers.

Vancouver has teamed with SemaConnect to get 6 additional public chargers in the ground right now.

Long-term, the city of Vancouver will certainly need hundreds of additional chargers if it expects to have 50,000 EVs, but 6 for now is better than 0.

Mark Pastrone, VP of Business Development at SemaConnect, stated:

“The City of Vancouver has made tremendous strides to become a green city and we are pleased to work with them on offering electric vehicle charging stations to make it easy for electric vehicle drivers to recharge.  We’re committed to building the best electric vehicle charging stations and software on the market for commercial use and we look forward to partnering with more locations in Canada and the United States to continue building the electric infrastructure that has become a growing demand.”

As for that Greenest City mention, here’s a summary of what it involves:

“Greenest City 2020 is a bold initiative that will address Vancouver’s environmental challenges. Through a set of measurable and attainable targets, officials are working to put the city on the path to sustainability, and make them one of the greenest cities in the world by 2020.”

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I’m going to finally upgrade to an enhanced driver’s license this week – just so I can visit Vancouver.

Vancouver is a nice city to visit. It will be even nicer when it has 50,000 silent EVs driving around.

Their goal should be 50,000 fewer people driving their cars to work by 2020.

That would be better, and a lot easier to achieve.

The entire province of BC had less than 700 plug-ins on the road as of September, 2013, and the provincial rebate of $5,000 on EVs just expired.