Van Version Of Range-Extended Taxi Spied


That’s not something you see every day.

Tired of seeing BMW, Mercedes, and Audi testing new vehicles? If so, we are happy to bring you a set of spy photos, depicting a rather unusual prototype.

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The car you see here will morph into a production model for the Coventry-based London Electric Vehicle Company, makers of the new London taxi, which has provided the base for a van version that will go on sale later this year. The revived car maker is owned by China’s Geely, which also has Volvo, Lotus and a cheeky chunk of Daimler in its portfolio.

Range-Extended Taxi Van

The taxi and its new van version share the same platform and use the same hybrid powertrain, which has been derived from Volvo’s T8 Twin Engine system. Looking at the trial vehicle, it will have the same dimensions as the new green taxi, but will offer room for a driver and a passenger, plus a big cargo area.

LEVC has already announced the new delivery vehicle will be produced at the same plant where the London Taxi is assembled. It’s located in Coventry and represents an investment of about £290 million. The range-extended electric van is currently being developed at the company’s new R&D center at Ansty, on the outskirts of Coventry, just next to where Rolls-Royce has long built its aeroplane engines in the city.

Range-Extended Taxi Van

LEVC says the ‘highly flexible, commercially competitive electric vehicle will help fleet owners lower their running costs, improve air quality and support cities in tackling the pollution crisis in urban areas.’ The range-extended electric setup offers around 80 mile of running in EV mode before the petrol engine kicks in to recharge.

According to the latest rumours, the investment cost of this new project for Geely is a mere £30m, a relatively low cost for such a new product – this is possible thanks to the flexible architecture of the new London Taxi, which apparently lends itself well to adaptation.

Range-Extended Taxi Van

Range-Extended Taxi Van

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Great make, make a nyc taxi version and non taxi version and sell it in the us

Maximizing your investment, and generating more Profit.

Chevy could learn a thing or two here.

The taxi is a great product.

Volvo steering wheel says shared components. Geely means business. If the current resurgence of Volvo speaks to how things are being done at LEVC, look for great things to come.

I like the 80 mile EV to ICE backup mix. I would buy a van like this if sold in N.America. Since for myself, the vehicle would be primarily used locally, it’s an EV. For weekend long trips, it’s not hamstrung by limited charging opportunities. Great for RV duty!

300 mile range means high cost and reduced range. That amount of battery pack isn’t necessary, plus it prices itself out of mainstream market.

Can I ask why my comment is listed as awaiting moderation?

A first for me on this site.

Must have been due to the recent site outage or the system saw your name, email, IP, or a word in your text that was already moderated due to another user. Fixed now, sorry!

Awesome! DHL needs some competition in this area and the main OEMs are dragging their feet. Will be a popular mini RV conversion base.