Utah Launches Drive Electric Website


Utah Electric Vehicles launched a website/tool for literally everything related to EVs & charging… The website is your “one stop shop“.

On the website, Just click and be amazed!

On the website, just click to learn more.

On this website you’ll find info for each EV, a charging station map with options to narrow down your search, a large list of benefits of going electric, a tool to see how much you can save and even customer testimonials.

The Sierra Club has created a tool that is similar to Utah’s. The reasons for the creation of sites such as this are obvious: It is a win-win to go electric, though some peopl can’t quite understand this win-win concept.

Executive Director of OED, Dr. Laura Nelson stated:

“Utah Drives Electric is focused on electric vehicles in particular because of the technology’s unique position at the nexus of the transportation and utility sectors, and because of its potential to positively impact air quality.”

“Our comprehensive goal is to promote the shift to a more diverse transportation system, one that includes electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, alternative liquid fuels, and even public transit and pedestrian infrastructure.”

Saving money by driving an EV & being more cautious to the environment? We'll take it!

Saving money by driving an EV & being more friendly to the environment? We’ll take it!

“OED has become a leader in advancing electric vehicle infrastructure deployment throughout the State of Utah.” OED already has partnered with Nissan, the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) and other stakeholders for Level III charging stations, and will continue partnerships next year to deploy more charging stations.”

The Office will continue to partner to advance the deployment of these important technologies, and Utah Drives Electric is meant to facilitate the private investments that will be truly essential to the diversification of Utah’s transportation sector.

Click here to check out the Utah Drives Electric Guide.

Source: Utah Policy.

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4 Comments on "Utah Launches Drive Electric Website"

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I would be more impressed if the website had a photo of the Focus Electric and not an old Ford Focus sedan.

Never mind, Utah changed the photo to the correct one. The screenshot used by InsideEVs is an old one.

Now they just have to wrong price for the 2014 Focus Electric. But still are using the wrong image for the C-MAX Energi, using image of the last gen European model of the gas/diesel C-Max. Along with using the 2015 Honda Fit gas version as the last gen 2014 Fit EV that is discontinued.

Sent them a message, maybe they will make corrections.

But seriously, all it takes is just a 5 minute web search to the manufacturers websites to verify the data before publishing on an official state website.

At least they are trying…..

I expect the person responsible is an ex Yahoo article writer. Anyone who is a regular Yahoo reader would know they couldn’t identify their own face in a mirror!