Used Better Place’s Renault Fluence Z.E. Vehicles Up For Sale – Expected to Fetch Half the Original Price

DEC 22 2013 BY MARK KANE 6

According to Haaretz,  the new owner of Better Place, Gnrgy, is selling 55 used electric cars owned previously by Better Place – the Renault Flucence Z.E. EVs that were part of the buyout deal.

Halite deposits (and teepee structure) along the western Dead Sea coast.

Halite deposits (and teepee structure) along the western Dead Sea coast.

What is interesting – if this is not an error in reporting – is that, on average, these Fluence Z.E.s have 90,000 kilometers (about 56,000 miles) on the odometer. This is unusually high considering that the vehicles are perhaps 1-2 years old.

The reporting source expect that the cars will be sold for half their original price between $14,000 to $17,000, but the high mileage would seem to make them rather expensive.

On the other side, Carasso Motors, the Renault importer, will be selling a few hundred new Fluence Z.E.s that were acquired as Better Place inventory for $4,700 on average.


“About half of the cars are estimated to suffer rust damage because they were stored near the sea.”

Israel lies next to the Dead Sea or Sea of Salt (but both Better Place’s and Carasso Motors’ headquarters, as well as the port where these vehicles were unloaded, are on the Mediterranean Sea) and this fit perfectly as a dead end to this whole story.

The salinity of the Dead Sea keeps people afloat, but nothing prevented Better Place from sinking.

Source: Haaretz

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Their bigger issue with resale is the battery. That sales price does not include a battery. And based on the battery hire documentation:

“The battery hire agreement guarantees you a minimum charge capacity of 75% of the original capacity at delivery”

With battery lease alone ranging from $125/mo for just 6k miles per year, to $225/mo for 15k miles per year.

Oh Mark,

The Dead Sea pics and punch-lines are entertaining, but PLEASE do correct this ridiculous mistake.

Tel Aviv, Israel’s major metropolis where Better Place (and Carasso’s) HQ was located, is on the Mediterranean Sea, NOT the Dead Sea.

Hardly anyone lives by the Dead Sea, it’s in the middle of the desert – both remote and inhospitable except for either a backpacking or a salt-bath vacation – and besides Israel’s over-exploitation of the minerals there is killing that unique salty lake rather quickly.

A further refinement: the companies’ HQ is in Tel Aviv, but the port where these cars were unloaded and waiting at lots was Ashdod, also on the Mediterranean some 30 km south of Tel Aviv.

Regarding mileage: according to this story (sorry, Hebrew but you can use google Translate or something) Gnergy actually succeeded in selling half of its inventory already. The cars sold had much lower mileage, no more than 24k kilometers (15k miles). One of them had only 22km.,7340,L-3619865,00.html
A pic in this story shows the Fluences sitting in a lot – right on the Mediterranean coast near the Ashdod port. Maybe you can use that pic instead, Mark?

The buyers could choose between 2 years of free charging, and a NIS 10k discount. Many opted for the latter, which lowered the price further to NIS 46k.

For reference, right now in Israel NIS 46k-56k can buy you a used compact/subcompact from model years 2006-2009. So no wonder there are buyers.

Apparently Gnergy is now stuck with the cars used by Better Place employees, which racked up the much higher mileage reported by Haaretz.

I tweaked it a bit Asaaf. I think Mark meant it more as a joke then a reference to where Better Place is actually located.

Thanks Eric.

Considering so many InsideEVs readers had no idea where Bhutan was…. one is advised not to take geographical jokes too far 🙂

Mishit 🙁