US Plug-In Vehicle Sales Closing in On 160,000


Our official scorecard puts the number of plug-ins sold in the US (modern era – 2008 on) at 152,067 through the end of October, but Plug In America tracks sales too and the figure it puts out is quickly closing in on 160,000.

Back in May, Plug In America announced that US plug-in sales had crested 100,000.

Plug In America's Counter

Plug In America’s Counter

Now, some 6 months or so later, that figure is pushing 160,000.

So, the 6-month growth rate averages out to the US adding almost 10,000 plug-ins to its roads every month.

One things for certain.  When we report tomorrow on plug-in vehicle sales for November, that 160,000-unit mark will be easily surpassed.  Onwards to 1 million we go.

Source: Plug In America

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18 responses to "US Plug-In Vehicle Sales Closing in On 160,000"
  1. GeorgeS says:

    A graph is worth a million words.

    If we really are adding 10000 cars per month then the slope of the chart must be increasing, but last time I saw the plt the slope was fairly constant.

    I don’t think 10,000 plug ins per month is correct. How do they get to that number??

    1. Assaf says:

      you can get this # on this website too…. we’ve been averaging nearly 10k sales since August.

      As to comparatives, plug-ins, right now in Year 3, are doing better than ICE hybrids did in their Year 5:

      1. Assaf says:

        see here:

        1. Mark H says:

          Note the flat line of growth for the first years combined with predictions that EVs will take off around 2017. These two points seem to jive with the hybrid buying habits give or take a year. I don’t see how we can miss the first million by 2018. As for now we live for the monthly report tomorrow!

  2. Assaf says:

    So… nothing today, Eric? 🙁

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      A graph? Is that what you’re asking for? Or sales? Those results are tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

      As for graphs, that’s not my specialty.

      But I’m guessing you were asking about sales. Yeah, I can do that. Tomorrow starting at about 9 am EST.

      1. Assaf says:

        Thanks Eric! You guys rock. Your monthly chart is my start-of-month craving.

      2. GeorgeS says:

        Yupe Eric a graph of sales broken down by month.
        Ask Jay he’ll loan you his….:)

        sorry I couldn’t resist…..

        1. Eric Loveday says:

          Ha ha…kdawg is our graph expert…We should ask him

  3. David Murray says:

    I wish we could add an extra zero to the end of that number.

    1. Assaf says:

      Me too. But production capacity’s not there yet. Hopefully in a couple of years.

  4. Steve says:

    “almost 10,000-plus”. What is the “-plus” for? If it is almost 10,000, it is almost 10,000.

    1. staff says:

      Indeed the added plus really should not be there, just the “almost 10,000”. Oxymoron removed – thanks for pointing that out.

    1. Eric Loveday says:

      I would have if I had seen it there. That’s one more cool site that I’ve never seen before. If you ever want to share a post with us, we’d be glad to reprint it here.

      1. Pat says:

        Great. How do I submit a story?

  5. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    So when does the federal credit go away?

    1. pjwood says:

      Not when 150k becomes 200k, but when each manufacturer reaches 200k. I experienced yet another, over T-giving, who had no idea the $7,500 tax-credit even existed. Someone who’s a good candidate for one.