US Plug-In EV Sales Charted: Market Grows 29%, 1.2% Share In November

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DEC 7 2017 BY MARK KANE 31

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – November 2017


We take an in-depth look at plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. for the month of November.

Plug-in electric vehicles scored another month of growth in the U.S. setting a new record for November – just like all the other months so far this year (and also showing year-over-year gains for 26 months in a row).

Overall, an estimated 17,178 plug-in electric vehicles were delivered, which is 29% more than one year ago. Market share was just above 1.2%.

Sales for the year (YTD) stand at ~173,941 (up 30% year-over-year).

Now we enter December, the final month of the year. This month usually ends with a new all-time record being set, fueled by the interest to catch the federal tax credit early next year.  With that said, it is no “sure thing” for 2017, as the new Nissan LEAF arrives in January, and the Tesla Model 3’s delivery volume is still very much in question.

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – November 2017

The best selling plug-in electric car in November was the Chevrolet Bolt EV (2,987)The Bolt continues to set its own month-over-month records as well.

In November, the Bolt achieved a record 1.8% of total Chevrolet car sales.

20,070 Bolts have been sold so far this year, and 20,649 overall including December of 2016.

Chevrolet Bolt EV sales in U.S. – November 2017

Toyota Prius Prime (1,834), now third YTD, increased its share of total Prius sales in the U.S. to a record 22.5%.

Toyota Prius Prime sales in U.S. – November 2017

BMW surprised with excellent results of 929 X5 xDrive40e sold in November. Total of 7 plug-in models achieved combined sales of 2,821 for the BMW Group, which is 8.8% of total sales.

“Sales of BMW Group electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles increased 27.8 percent to 18,416 through November 2017 (YTD), accounting for 5.9 percent of total BMW Group sales in the U.S. BMW offers six electrified vehicle models in the U.S., including the BMW i3 and BMW i8, as well as the BMW i Performance models: BMW 330e, BMW 530e, BMW 740e and the BMW X5 xDrive 40e. MINI offers the MINI Countryman plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle, which launched in June 2017.”

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales in the U.S. – November 2017

Tesla Model X, with estimated deliveries of 1,875 units, was the second best selling car in November, followed by 1,702 Chevrolet Volts and 1,335 Tesla Model S (estimated).  Tesla Model 3 deliveries were estimated at 345 during the month (712 for the year).

And here are the “Top 10” selling models for the year after 11 months:

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – November 2017

*Editor’s note:  all the individual sales for every plug-in model sold in November (and all-time) can be found on our Monthly Plug-In Sales Scorecard.

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Surprised BMW sold as many units as they did. Many were pidly <20 mile PHEVs of course.

I think Bolt sales have a chance at breaking the 4k barrier this month (would be first time ever for a non-Tesla). Many Cali volume Bolt dealers currently sold out of Bolts started waiting lists and are expecting large shipments arriving 13-20 Dec.

Here’s a post from a sales rep at Capital Chevy in San Jose mentioning a waiting list for Bolts (and begging people not to call him in the early hours of the morning), and how Bolts are selling out as soon as they hit the lot.

Finding a Bolt in Cali this month may be harder than finding rain drops!

“At this point Please Email me instead of calling guys. I get so many calls I can’t keep up. And Really early too… come on… And if you call more then once I think it’s an emergency so lets now do that either. So lets stick to Email for Bolt inquiries. If you have a Deposit already, call or text me anytime. I know you want info that second but the cars and sold out and i’m taking Deposits 12pm-9pm Wed-Fri. So we have time.”

Wow… I hope people get their Bolt in time for tax/holiday season… but they have had all year to do it! XD Why put it off until December?!

The dealer I bought from is worried about the same thing. They’re selling too fast. He personally sold 9 Bolts last month (I think there are 3 sales guys in the EV sales center) and their inventory is down from over 35 to 20 over the past month or so. I would be shocked if every remaining car isn’t sold by the end of December! Hopefully the 2018s start arriving by the end of the year.

The dealer guy I linked said he sold 27 Bolts last month by himself, and that all he sold last month was Bolts. It wasn’t until the dealer sold out of Bolts did he bother to try and sell anything else. I think he said he sold 1 Volt and 1 Tahoe once the Bolts ran out.

It’s pretty much a perfect storm for a huge sales month for the Bolt….normal year end EV rush, people freaking out about the fed tax credit being killed and rushing to buy before year’s end, and employee pricing will entice a lot of people in the non-CARB states that are usually stuck with MSRP or near MSRP prices.

564 new Chevy Bolts for sale in the L.A. area now.

Yeah, it seems like a tale of two states in California.

Bolt is selling hot or like hot cakes in the Silicon valley and SF Bay Area, but it isn’t moving at all in LA area.

Much of it has to do with style and people’s taste. Lots of LA area buyers complained about style of the Bolt being dorky where SF Bay Area doesn’t give a darn about Bolt’s styling and loves its practicality.

So, maybe it is time for Chevy to shift some of the inventory north.

564 Bolts in a region of 12 million population? Check you maths…

Out of towners don’t understand why the Bolt EV us not popular here. It doesn’t have adaptive cruise control!!!!!

Hyundai sales are crashing in socal because they are charging too much for ACC. ACC is standard in all Toyota and $1000 on Hondas.

Shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Their growth rates have been quite consistent. They’re at 78k plugins globally this year – within reach of their 100k goal. The phev based approach is the less sexy approach, but it sneaks up on you by surprise. Before you know it, your entire fleet is made up of 50 mile plug ins. That reality may only be 4-5 years away for BMW. At that point, they’ll probably simply drop the gas engine and go all electric and nobody will even notice.

Given the tax credit uncertainty, I wouldn’t be surprised to see brisk sales and leasing of all plug-ins in December. I expect it’ll be pretty anomalous for all plug-ins.

I believe that BMW’s PHEV pricing is pretty good, so they’re seeing decent take rates as a result.

I am expecting about 3,500 this month in Bolt sales. I would love to see over 4,000. It’s possible but I won’t hold my breath! 🙂

BMW continues to lead the way… in their own way. While I would buy a Nissan, Tesla and GM before a BMW, I really appreciate how they’re just making it an option across their line up.

No other company offers the variety of plug-ins that BMW does. Sure, 14-20 mile EV ranges aren’t great. But if a person plugs them in every day, it can save a significant amount of gas every year.

Looks like there was some early tax credit panic from the latte brigade. ?.

Still its a good result considering the I3 was on a stop sale with airbag deployment issues for low iq size 4 owners that dont wear seatbelts. Perhaps seatbelts were interfering with some special enhancements.

Need not be “surprised” as to BMW PHEV sales. BMW cleverly sells PHEV models as performance not EVs. The electric boost is faster, better and yes economical vs. turbos. These cars can go all electric, be hybrid or by combining ICE boosted by the electric motors, a high performance car. Even the i3 an EV is quite a performer itself. Thanks


Thanks for this. Would be nice to see graphs for:

1) sales by manufacturer
2) growth of sales (US vs world)

For the first 10 month the sales of EV rise 43% in Europe so it’s growing faster then US.


“In November, the Bolt achieved a record 1.8% of total Chevrolet car sales.”

Not bad but Canada is whooping our butts! 2.5% for the Bolt and 4.2% for the Volt.


Unfortunately in Canada (I’m in ontario). We can’t get anywhere near a bolt until the spring of next year. Local dealer has sold 5 and the next 3 to come in are already sold. It’s crazy how quickly ppl are realizing electric is the way. I just got my 17 focus ev. And now the wife is ready for an ev after driving mine. And a bolt would be perfect for us.

It’s not because Bolts are selling like crazy. It’s because GM isn’t providing many to sell in Ontario.

Only 376 Bolts for Ontario as of Sept 2017:
Almost twice as many for Quebec and 10k+ for California, despite Ontario being so close to the plant. Further proof that GM is providing just a few Bolts outside of compliance markets.

I put a deposit on a Leaf after waiting so long for the Bolt.

#1 selling plug-in in Canada is the Volt.
#2 is the Bolt.

(Then Leaf, S and X in that order)

A EREV/PHEV is more popular in Canada because there are very few chargers spread over a very large place. For example, there is about one Tesla Supercharging location for every million people in Ontario (according to the map on Tesla’s website)

Get excited when market share hits double digit percent. 1% is pitiful.

2018 should be the opening of the floodgates with Leaf 2, hopefully better inventory for Prius and Bolts, and of course the Model 3 in volume production.

Then we can see some market share gains to get excited about.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Took at least 2. 😉

Day 1 – 1%
Day 2 – 100%

Standard S-Curve.
Takes as long to get from 0 to 1% as it takes to get from 1% to 100%

California will be double-digit percentage next year for sure.

It’s not the 1% per se that I’m excited about; it’s the rate of increase. If that continues you will see the percentage number rise pretty quickly.

Inventory might be a problem. shows a nationwide Bolt EV inventory of 3421. Might be hard to get a sales over 3000 in December if that’s the inventory. We’ll see.

Yeah, not sure how many of those 3,400 are actually on dealer lots right now. Probably a decent chunk are in transit.
There’s a definite “Bolt-rush” going on in CA though. If sales in the non-CARB states pick up as well, I think 4k is possible.


Can we separate out the EV from the PHEV models in the sales results, so it’s more clear how many full EVs are sold.

Maybe use the same charts for the monthly numbers, but put the full EV list at the top with a sub-total, then the PHEVs below with it’s sub-total and then a total of plug-in vehicles.

A subtotal for EVs and PHEVs is actually a good idea. It might be too soon to split the EVs and PHEVs on the chart, but having a subtotal at the bottom of both would be nice.

Changing the bar graph to be a stacked bar with slightly different shades for EV and PHEV would also be cool. I suppose going back over the past five years and making the distinction might be annoying, but at least going forward there’s no reason not to track and display that information.

Sorry vic, but I agree with Alan.
Fact is, that hybrids really are worthless. They remain fossil fueled based cars.
OTOH, EVs is a very different issue.