U.S. Plug-In Car Sales Full Steam Ahead In 2017

MAR 8 2017 BY MARK KANE 18

Electric car sales in the U.S. continued their strong showing in February (see detailed report) setting another monthly record.

Chevrolet Volt

The 12,049 plug-ins sold last month translate to roughly a growth rate of 55 percent and plug-ins now stand at a 0.90 percent market share. The big challenge, though, will be March, since that month in 2016 saw nearly 14,000 sales.

The best-selling model so far this year has been the Chevrolet Volt, but a maturing market with a growing number of competitors means the differences between the leaders is pretty small.

GM sold 3,431 Volts in two months, just a few hundred more than the 2,728 Toyota Prius Primes and 2,650 Tesla Model S EVs (estimated) that were sold. An expanding market for the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the due-any-day-now new Nissan Leaf could mean that these other vehicles will join the race for #1.

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – January 2017

Chevrolet Volt has never been selling better, setting monthly or all-time records in recent months:

Chevrolet Volt sales in U.S. – January 2017

The new Toyota Prius Prime quickly took significant part of total Prius sales – 17.4 percent in January and 15.1 percent in February. For comparison, the old Prius PHV peaked at 13.4 pecent in October 2013, but overall Prius sales were higher in those days.

Toyota Prius Prime sales in U.S. – January 2017

Toyota Prius PHV sales in U.S. – January 2017

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“You know, Plug-in cars are an illusion,once the price of the gallon will go down again, the sales will plunge, bla bla bla…”
Thank you analysts, experts, journalists, naysayers, EV haters and Tesla haters to be as useless and wrong as ever!!!

I would just call them USA-centric egoists πŸ˜‰

EV SUVs carry the day in EU/China even though they also have record low gas prices.

EV SUVs entered market with Model X and Volvo, and there is more to come. Thus EV vulnerability to gas price is gone.

But to get that one would have to look at sale data from outside USA… πŸ˜›

Well, the charts in this article are all U.S. sales. So the naysayers are already wrong, just on that basis.


the biggest challenge will be the upcoming new EPA regulation……

Or more likely, the coming lack of EPA regulation.

True now polluters will have as little to fear from the EPA as a worm does from a beached fish. In fact as the fish rots from the head down, the worms will crawl in and feast on it.

Anytime any corporation looks askance at a rule or regulation they will gripe, tweet the Don and try to get rid of it. State and local regulation will not fare much better in many states as most governors are Republicans as are many legislatures.

Unable, to catch the lightning fast Hare, the Tortoise will try to get the administration to slow that pesky Lepus down.

Since many in Trump’s administration, cabinet heads, are betting on Big Oil, and many of them have clear and long associations with that industry, they are backing the Tortoise.

Not to much of a stretch to think that the
“Black Spring” may come sooner than we think.

Any chance if Trump gets rid of the EPA that more states become “CARB States”?

Would be cool if Trump’s attempt to minimize or get rid of the EPA backfires on him.

They’re trying to kill CARB too by removing the ability for CARB to set its own emission limits.

State’s rights hypocrits.

A year-on-year growth rate of 55%?

“Impressive. Most impressive.” — Darth Vader

But seriously, let’s hope this trend holds up. If we really can get a sustained YOY growth rate of ~55%, then we really are now into that “S”-curve of exponential growth in the EV revolution, which we’ve been waiting for years to see!

I would think that GM could do some interesing mixes of product creation, between the tech in the Bolt EV, and what they developed in the Volt!

Mixing up a Volt Drivetrain and a slightly smaller Bolt EV battery (40 kWh), in a Bolt body, could give them a Bolt EREV with 150 miles EV range + maybe 350 miles range on gas, to supplement the Bolt EV! That mix would be a vehicle that could move a lot more to the plug (once the seats are better)!

There’s no realistic way to put an ICE in a Bolt chassis. No place for the engine. No place for the gas tank. No place for the exhaust routing.

in short: “canΒ΄t split the baby” E.M.

BMW has already tried that range extender thing, but honestly, it is just too expensive. Even if they could shoehorn an engine in there, the cost of the engine and another generator, plus the extra cost of manufacturing, would make the PHEV Bolt even more expensive than the regular Bolt.

And as practical as that car would be seem, it would just be an expensive high EV range Volt.

The only thing that would make some sense, if possible, would be taking the regular Volt drivetrain and putting it in the Bolt, since it is a more practical car. Not sure if it still would be, if it had the petrol engine and gas tank shoehorned in there.

A volt with 25 kw battery and a smaller gaz engine…will be great too… Or a small SUV like an equinox with that set up…A bigger car like a malibu, would be perfect too.

Although the trend is positive, I would have hoped that after the super strong December and the new Bolt and Prime among others we would be seeing a minimum of 15k/month in sales and optimistically at least 20k. Unfortunately this seems to be a pipe dream until the Model 3 is finally launched — when we will laugh at these type numbers….

I loved it when after 20 years they finally increased the CAFE standards and before Obama left they were increased again.but Trump is rolling those back.
I loved the fact when I bought an SUV two years ago I could get over 30 miles a gallon.
Car manufacture’s were saying for 20 years they couldn’t build a car that fuel efficient but as soon as it became law they did, any the price wasn’t much different and they sold in record numbers.