US Navy Considering Lease Of 300-600 Electric Cars

JUL 31 2015 BY MARK KANE 20

The Department of the Navy announced plans to lease approximately 300 to 600 passenger-carrying electric vehicles.

Initially they will focus on a sedan fleet for various Navy and Marine Corps installations within the State of California.

Tesla Model S for every general?

Prior to the purchase decision there will be discussion with industry partners on 21 July:

“To facilitate an interactive electric vehicle leasing discussion with industry partners, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command is holding an Industry Forum on 21 July 2015 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the CalEPA Headquarters Building in Sacramento, California.

This event will provide an opportunity for Department of Navy leaders and industry representatives to exchange innovative ideas on how the Navy may lease electric vehicles in the State of California and leverage current State and Federal monetary and/or tax incentives.

The Department of Navy is interested in exploring topics associated with electric vehicle leasing, including availability, warranties, maintenance, liabilities, charging infrastructure support, and other considerations.”

Source: Department of the Navy

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The Navy does not have Generals they have Admirals.

but the marines do have generals. in any event, i doubt that they would be leasing teslas. i mean, where would military personnel need to use “ludicrous” or “insane” mode?

[where would military personnel need to use “ludicrous” or “insane” mode?] Maybe when on Maneuvers? Not likely on the Parade Square, but maybe to go between Bases?

Actually – the Military is doing a lot of things in it’s goal to get the job done with less fuel – like the new F35 – with ‘Supercruise’ – Supersonic without Afterburner – and compared to THAT budget – leasing a few hundred Tesla Model S 85D’s would be cheap!

Also – the Military has it’s eyes on Electric Vehicles for a number of other reasons –
US military to spend $2.4 billion on electric vehicles by 2020:

The titanium plating under the Tesla could work well to protect against land-mines.

(i’m joking btw)

Marine Corp is capped at 60 generals for the entire globe not just California.

The US Marine Corps is a separate and distinct service branch, it has many close ties to the US Navy, and the Department of the Navy oversees both service branches, each having its own autonomous leadership (Marine Corps has its Commandant, US Navy has its Chief of Naval Operations, both leaders are members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and both branches are under civilian oversight of the Secretary of the Navy.

Where in this article is it written that they in that case would buy P90D? They maybe choice 85 or 90D and get about 2.5 times the range compere to any other manufacturer and they don’t have either insane or ludicrous mode.

Clearly they will buy all Roadsters, preferably w/the Maximum Plaid speed.

Military will get special T90D “Tactical” model with special mil spec center console and runflats on ugly ass steel wheels. Insane mode to be replaced with “Bugsh!+” mode allowing for full acceleration while blowing flares and chaff.

DoD contract price: only 2M/unit

Don’t forget autonomous mode to allow for debauchery and alcohol/drug abuse in between naval bases.

“leverage current State and Federal monetary and/or tax incentives”

Does the US Navy pay Tax?

They will most likely lease so the lessor would be able to pass the tax advantage on to the lessee.

i don’t expect that the navy pays federal taxes, but i would imagine that they pay state taxes. in addition, i would think that they would possibly benefit from both federal and state non-tax monetary incentives.

I would guess the Ford Energis would be the most likely choice. Perhaps the ’16 Volt as well.

I don’t know what the plans are for the vehicles, but if they can be PHEVs and not just BEVs, this sounds like a potential job for VIA Motors.

BEV vs. PHEV is really an issue for EV enthusiasts. take GM, they are going to introduce the Bolt BEV, in addition to the Volt EREV. given these choices in the market, why would anyone choose a Bolt over a Volt when the Volt can cover an expected 90% of daily driving needs and costs less?

it is hard for me to see the military going BEV on this purchase.

Depends on what guidelines they are given. If it has to be a zero-emissions vehicle. Or cannot use gasoline as a power source. Or if they do not want engine maintenance. etc.

Who knows if they will handcuff them. All the text referred to “electric vehicles”, not plug-ins or hybrids. It may just be semantics.

who would ever issue such guidelines other than an EV enthusiast? such guidelines far exceed any government mandates. even the articles cited by robert weekley don’t require such guidelines: those articles were more about wanting vehicles that could generate electricity when not operated – obviously the power source for such vehicles would be something other than electricity.

Yes, no government has ever come out w/silly guidelines, ever.

It’s been along time since I’ve been to muster.
Didn’t even catch the General vs. Admiral mixup. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT.I’ve been at liberty a long while.

Electric vehicles make total sense for base applications. Anywhere, in fact, where a relatively small area needs to be traversed and charging spaces can be tightly controlled. For instance, every mall in the country should have a Leaf rolling around it, Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale uses a Leaf for a security car.