US Navy Adds More Multi-Vehicle Charging Stations

JAN 12 2014 BY STAFF 7

OpConnect Charges Up US Navy

OpConnect Charges Up US Navy

OpConnect, a Portland-based manufacturer of charging stations, has announced that it’s sold 5 additional chargers to the US Navy for use at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington D.C.

OpConnect 4 Point Charger

OpConnect 4 Point Charger

These chargers are rather unique in that each unit can simultaneously charge up to four plug-in vehicles at a time.

OpConnect seems to be the supplier of choice for the US military and there’s an obvious reason for this: OpConnect is owned by a US military veteran and employs several veterans.

10 similar charging stations have been provided by OpConnect to US Naval installations in Virginia, Maryland and San Diego.

OpConnects says that it manages almost 300 charging stations in 7 states.

Over the last year or so, several military bases have installed charging stations.  Most of those bases operate plug-in vehicles.  Soon, most US military bases will have charging stations and EVs as fleet vehicles.

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Very cool! How do they charge 4 at one time though? looks like only 2 cables.

1 and 2 seems like you plug in a cable. 3 and 4 seems to be with cables so that you can plug it in from a bit of a distance (assuming the closest parking is used by 1 and 2).

It would be interesting with some specs. on theses chargers. And to know what vehicles they have that are plug-ins.


They SHOULD make a charger with 4 J1772 plugs. That would be great. Put it right at the intersection of 4 parking spots and with nice long cords (or drivers willing to back in when necessary), it should be able to charge 4 cars at the same time. Will require a nice hefty electrical supply line though! I guess you could current limit the charging.

From the specs these chargers need a 30A circuit and charge at 24A.

I wish other manufacturers will take notice and add a 24A EVSE to their product list. 24A it is a great choice, because it charges almost as fast as 30A, but it will cheaper to install in the many garages that already have a 30A dryer outlet.

Or you could just buy a 30 amp charging dock and dial back your car to 24 amps.

I would think most would disagree with you though, especially people who bought the Leaf charger pack option. After spending all that money for a 30 amp 6.6 kw charger, they’d hardly want to intentionally be throtled back.