“Upside” is a “Poolside” Parody Featuring The Ford C-Max Energi For Detroit Dirt – Video

MAR 27 2014 BY JAY COLE 59

Detroit Dirt, with a little help from sponsor Ford, have done an excellent job parodying General Motor’s now famous (and controversial)  “Poolside” commercial for their plug-in Cadillac ELR.

"Upside" Ad Draws Heavily From Cadillac's "Poolside" Spot

“Upside” Ad Draws Heavily From Cadillac’s “Poolside” Spot

And while the Ford C-Max Energi (and subsequent logo/disclaimer) are featured quite prominently in the spot, this ad focuses on Detroit Dirt’s mission more specifically…but in the style of Cadillac pitchman/actor Neal McDonough.

Some background on Detroit Dirt (from themselves):

“…a compost company working to turn forgotten parcels of land in Detroit into urban farms that not only feed, but revitalize our community.

We know the road to this vision will be long and of course- dirty, but this is Detroit and our entrepreneurial spirit is what defines this city. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dig down deep to make this city grow again.

Together, we can use the foundation of this great city- its dirt- to make it great once more.   Detroit Dirt is proud to be part of the urban renewal effort to rebuild Detroit from the ground up.”

Sounds like a worthy endeavor; and we are quite sure that Detroit Dirt would like even a fraction of the over 1 million views the ELR’s ad has generated to promote their cause … so here is a start.

Video Below:  Compare to Cadillac ELR’s original “Poolside” Ad

Detroit Dirt

Hat tip to John Voelcker for sharing the video link

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Cool company! And somebody finally found a way to make use of the massive headroom in the C-Max!

Hahah.. Yeah, I haven’t seen any black women with that hairstyle in a couple of decades.

They did a great job with this commercial.

Good find Jay.

Ford needs to get this on the airwaves in Portland they will get some Energi buyers out of it.

I’ve seen a few in Portland already. I even saw a fully electric Focus last week with the charging cap open (which made it easy to spot) as it drove down the street.

Yep they are out there now — since late summer the inventory and incentives picked up for the C-Max and Fusion Energi models. I was just thinking that this add would go over pretty well here, so I should have said “even more Energi buyers” instead of “some Energi buyers”. Thanks for pointing that out.

Brilliant! This illustrates how much better Ford’s ad agency is than GM’s.

First, it talks to a huge swath of Americans, not just the 1%. Second, she’s fashion-forward ( “everything old is new again” )with the ‘fro, and she’s of an ethnic minority, which automatically gives her a bigger voice in today’s environment.

Ford should distribute this ad nationwide – stat!

Sell them Energis, buoyee!

– And a woman. Women buy more new cars than men, and as you guys know…have a huge influence on the cars we men buy, giving us the green or red light in many situations.

I don’t think 99% of American’s do what she does in that commercial.

“Are you Daft?” 😉

The ad is amusing to me because it’s a well-done parody of ELR, and hits a different segment which is good. But I find the ELR ad to still take the cake in amusement and appeal. It definitely has people talking (hence this parody).

Wait, so 99% of people don’t collect manure?

I think 99% of us are FED manure.

+100 to that james! I physically LOL’d and my wife is looking at me like I’m a total dork.

Am I stupid, or am I the only one who had to Google the meaning of “nespa”?

OK – Don’t answer that! L 🙂 L!

In French, it’s spelled “n’est-ce pas?” and it means literally “is it not?”.

– In English means “know what I’m saying?” or “ain’t it?”

I was so dumb I thought NESPA was the Northeast Spa And Pool Association!

I guess my 2 years of French class in highschool (20 years ago) was good for something.. I knew what he was saying.

Thanks for saving me the effort of googling it, because I too was not in the know.

Of course the same folks that didn’t like the Nissan LEAF polar bear commercial will not like this. Right?

Right. But the LEAF commercial didn’t sell cars. For an ad to be successful, it doesn’t only have to win production or ad industry awards for artistic competency, it has to SELL PRODUCT. Nissan’s ad was beautifully done, but didn’t get it done on the sales floor.

Gas car companies go the eco/green route in selling EVs because they cannot cut down their ICE product. How can they say it doesn’t require oil changes, emissions checks and the other 2000 part replacẹments without being a severe conflict of their own interests. So… they go the green route – which is a very limited niche.

This ad goes the green route, but reinforces it with “being smart”, and “for the people”. Which broadens it’s scope and effect.

Again, Brilliant!

It didn’t sell cars?! Says who?

I bought my Volt after watching it. :p

LOL!!! Vdiv!!!

Me too!

+1 When I joke around about cheaper energy making me want to go faster, it’s because that message sells better than restraint.

Is the end result any different?

It’s been forever since I watched that add.
I think it is a good add.

While I emphatically praise Ford for it’s advertising genius – I have to say that I do believe in American Exceptionalism. In that, this ad backhandedly says – “America should be more like foreign countries”, where the Caddy ad pokes a finger at them and states that America is just better, period.

Both are extreme views, I think there is truth in both.

Young people are not buying cars.

Car companies struggle to reach them – and thus far, are doing miserably. This is the kind of ad that speaks to the youth. It plants seeds and is racially diverse. This means as that person grows in age and stature, Ford will be on their minds when choosing a responsible car.

Yep good points.

Youth don’t buy cars b/c they are broke and have no jobs…

This ad won’t solve those two problems…

Ask any farmer about planting seeds.

Seeds won’t solve anything if you got no money to buy the land, no water to irrigate and no money to pay for the cost of living.

Growing food takes land, water, time and some good weather….


So are you saying you like this ad??


He’s too busy replying to his own posts. 🙂

Whyyy I outta…LOL.

Yes! Love the ad. I really loved the polar bear ad also. To me, it was groundbreaking, watched it over and over on YouTube back then. When I went to a LEAF demo in Seattle months before it was available, Nissan played the video on a big screen on a loop.

It does resonate with enviros, greenies and animal lovers. It pioneered the twinkley piano background music we’re all sick of now because advertisers have worn it out. When Nissan’s ad stopped running, Liberty Mutual started running the exact same soundtrack to their ads. The last time ( yesterday ) I heard somebody running twinkly, emotional piano music behind their ad I just wanted to scream: “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

While the polar bear ad was artistically great, it didn’t really hit home. People all over when asked couldn’t remember anything but the bear. Nissan soon replaced it with factual ads showing the car and ZERO EMISSIONS with facts about the car. Beautifully crafted ads don’t always hit the target in selling stuff.

A mid 20’s couple saw my model S in my driveway yesterday and told me they are trying to get the cash together to buy one. I was very surprised. They live in a 85k house (as do I now that I think about it!)

wow. where can you get a house that cheap.
Obviously you don’t live in California.

Detroit. You can get houses for $5K there. 🙂

Great for their desire to go electric.

But I think they got their priority in the wrong order….

Well, just think – if they can’t make the house payment they can move into the roomy Model S!

Awesome ad.
Really sets a tone for GM vs. Ford. GM for pompous self-centered old guys who put down the world, vs. a eco friendly message referencing Ford with an eco friendly electric car.
I cannot imagine why anyone would ever buy an ELR.

It’s the “pompous self-centered guys” who built a PHEV that actually comes close to “80% of drivers going 40 miles every day”. The numbers they provided its sticker were, ahem, a little closer.

Great ad. Keep ‘um coming.

Ahh, this is reminding me of the brawl between Nissan and GM. I love it when they get competitive like this! It’s been so long!

Nice ad, smart message and very well done.

B/c it has Ford C-Max Energi?

What makes you stop lying about the Voltec today?

So much better than the original.

So she’s an “entrepreneur” because she collects poop and rotting food? Does she sell it to someone? Or is she selling the “good rich dirt” she makes? Is she giving it away for free? If so, where did she get the money to buy that fancy Ford? How are the dirt-sellers going to feed their families? Why does she despise poop and rotting food in the landfill? It would make good rich landfill dirt!

I’m confused! The ELR commercial made a lot more sense. 🙂

She’s not competing with rich-douchebag-by-the-pool man, so your efforts to deduce how much money she makes compared to him is fruitless. The ad’s saying that for a lot of people a car isn’t a status symbol to show how big your d**k is or how fat your wallet is, but a chance to help take part in a rEVolution in a meaningful way.

Then why drive the Ford Energi? Why NOT a Focus EV?

It is stupid ad…

Everyone should compost their own food scraps…

Majority of the cow farms in CA already collect manure to either produce their own natural gas to power their milk processing facilities or sell them to “earthwarm” farms for worm dropping which would be sold as great natural fertilizer….

Her hair wouldn’t fit in a Focus EV.

@Anon – LOL!

She didn’t buy a FocusEV because she doesn’t want to be limited to 70 miles between hours-long charges.

The poop pots probably fit better in a C-Max Energi, except that tacked-on battery pack takes up half the cargo space-ever seen one?

So maybe she’d have been better off in a Volt?

P.S. – I dig her hair

Buy local is over rated for 2 reasons.

1. If your local climate is a freaking dessert, then growing anything require a huge amount of water.

2. Certainly stuff just don’t grow in certain regions….

Also, what is wrong with manure going to the landfill? It helps to start the “composing” process that will help breaking down the other stuff around it…

Personally, I think everyone should start their own composit and/or earthworm gardens to reduce trash to land fill… But gathering manure to reduce land fill is just stupidi.

Landfills generally don’t have enough airflow for composting to happen. So anything compostable that goes to a landfill will probably stay there, wasting space. It is possible to compost garbage in large quantities, but it requires a fair bit of effort and I don’t think anyone is doing it right now. The closest thing we have is incinerators that burn everything.

So, you are saying that landfills don’t compost?

Well, it is certainly much slower than your basic compost bin at home. But plenty of landfills are generating Methane which is a direct result of “decomposition” of the materials in the landfill…

Composting is just a bit faster. Speed is the only difference…

Not all landfills are harvesting the methane that is produced in a landfill’s anaerobic composting. That methane escapes into the atmosphere, and is several times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2. That is why a person would rather do aerobic composting and have the side benefit of being able to grow food locally that is healthy and might actually be affordable to the poor people that it needs it the most.

@Modern Marvel –
As someone who knows a bit about advertising, I think you’re just over-thinking this quite a bit, buddy.

Ads are crafted to convey a lot of information over as little time possible. They’re only effective if they’re memorable and make an impression.

While this ad, IMHO, has a bit too much information – they were mocking the GM ad, so it works. I believe GM has pulled the Poolside ad, so it’s kind of late to the game, but people will remember it since it caused so much controversy on the interwebs.

“I think you’re just over-thinking this quite a bit, ”

And people don’t overeact over the “poolside” ad?

“aerobic composting”

It still produces methane and CO2. With Oxygen, it is just composting at a much faster rate.

Both version produces warming gas. No escape with that.

There are 2 types of composting: “Aerobic” and “Anaerobic”.

Aerobic composting requires air, oxygen, and it needs someone to mix it every so often to get air into all the nooks and crannies of the compost pile.

Anaerobic composting requires no outside air but is slower than aerobic composting. It also produces methane because of its sealed environment.

Garbage dumps usually have both types. The fresh trash that was delivered gets dumped on top of the old trash and starts the aerobic process. The old trash that got covered will start the anaerobic process when all the air is used up.

I approve of this ad.
When I saw the ELR add I wanted to throw my shoe at the screen. The Ford add made me smile 🙂

“a compost company working to turn forgotten parcels of land in Detroit into urban farms that not only feed, but revitalize our community.”

So, the soil will be full of toxic metal and chemical left over from the old urban usage?

Even the White House lawn soil is full of lead due to years of White paint usage (which was lead based before Ti Oxide is used).

The farm lands near major hwys also have higher level of arsenic and lead due to early days of lead based gasoline usage…

Great! Instead of getting toxic food from China, we will just grow them right here in Detroit.

I’m sure there is an episode of Modern Marvels that would explain how toxins could be removed from the soil. The composting and growth of organisms in that soil would on its own change the chemical makeup of the toxins that were there originally.

“could”. It is NOT “will”.

Heavy metals can NOT be removed by “composting” like what most people do. Neither will some chemicals.

Some of the so called “composting” aren’t even “hot enough” to kill off parasites or harmful bacteria…

Not all “composting” are equal.

The smaller scale home based composting rarely got hot enough to kill off parasites.

Maybe you should watch some of those Modern Marvel espisodes, you would know about those risks.

One of the very few times I’ll disagree with Jay Cole in that this is not a parody at all. I took it as a very serious commercial, again aimed at the female buying public.

Now lawyers for GM will probably say it is a copywrite infringment, but it is different enough that Ford will say any similarity is a coincidence.

Spot on. After seeing the Cadillac commercial serveral times this rings true.