UPS Teams With Thor For Electric Trucks


UPS will test an all-electric class 6 delivery truck from Thor Trucks

The medium-duty truck is the second vehicle under development by Thor, which began with the semi-truck ET-One. According to company’s website, the range of the delivery truck is to be over 200 miles.

In the case of UPS, the first prototype that will be deployed later this year in Los Angeles will come with a range of 100 miles, which would be similar to many other EVs tested by UPS (ARRIVAL, Daimler, Tesla, Workhorse and others).

The six-month test will give UPS an answer to whether the Thor-developed battery EV delivery truck beats competitors and, if so, UPS will place volume orders.

Thor Trucks – fully-electric class 6 delivery truck

“UPS continues to work with a range of companies to test and deploy promising alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles that will help it meet its sustainability goals. Electric vehicles, and the charging infrastructure needed to support them, play a critical role in UPS’s vision for its fleet of the future. The Thor electric delivery truck will have a driving range of approximately 100 miles powered by a Thor-designed and built battery that will be lightweight, durable and allow long-range driving distances.

For six months, UPS will test the medium-duty electric delivery truck as part of its fleet. Testing will include off-road evaluation to address durability, battery capacity, technical integration, engineering and any items found during on-road testing. Depending on the success of the deployment, UPS may make additional purchases of the electric vehicle.”

Carlton Rose, president, global fleet maintenance and engineering for UPS said:

“UPS believes in the future of commercial electric vehicles. We want to support the research needed to make advances and the companies developing those innovative products. Performance is critical in our fleet. We are excited to get this vehicle on the road to test how it handles routes in and around Los Angeles.”

Dakota Semler, co-founder and CEO of Thor Trucks said:

“We’re excited about working with a forward-thinking company like UPS, particularly as our first collaboration. UPS is committed to sustainability and operates one of the most well-respected and complex fleets in the country. This is also an incredibly valuable opportunity to gain insight into what it will take to fulfill our mission of getting entire electric fleets on the road.”

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5 Comments on "UPS Teams With Thor For Electric Trucks"

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David Green

This is pretty cool, good for Thor trucks…


I think it’s good UPS threw these guys a bone. Even with their limited resources these guys seem pretty serious in their efforts.

Lou Grinzo

If you care at all about the environment and climate change, then these advances in fleet EVs are VERY good news.

As I keep pointing out, fleets are almost entirely managed by spreadsheet, especially the larger ones. Once operators get comfortable with the new tech, they will place immense orders for electric delivery vans, school buses, etc. And that will mean a LOT of vehicle miles will start converting from fossil fuels to electrons, which benefits everyone.

Individual consumers largely buy based on much less objective things, like how the sheet metal looks, what kind of infotainment gear a car has, what colors are available, etc. They have to be convinced to drop their misperceptions about EVs (add your own list here) and accept that EVs are real cars that work exceptionally well for the majority of drivers. That’s where we come into play, people.


These kinds of trucks are the perfect use case for electric. The average FedEx or UPS truck rarely ever needs more than 100 miles a day. In urban settings, that number could be half that or even less. Most of these trucks could go the entire day without a recharge even with a fairly small battery.


Lots of step van delivery out there, I hope all of them convert to EV.