UPS Deploys Electric Vehicles On The Streets of Rotterdam


UPS Electric Vehicle in Rotterdam

UPS Electric Vehicle in Rotterdam

UPS just announced the deployment of four electric trucks in Rotterdam, Netherlands, which follows deployment of six in Amsterdam in October 2013.

The vehicles will be used to deliver packages in and around the city of Rotterdam and to gather data as a “rolling laboratory”.

UPS choose the diesel-powered P80 model, which was converted to electric drive by Germany-based EFA-S (Elektro Fahrzeuge Schwaben GmbH) to P80-E.

Gross vehicle weight (GVW) is 6,800 kg. Motor power is 90 kW and torque is 300 Nm with regenerative braking capability. Range is up to 100 km.

The project was supported by European Union via FREVUE (Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe) demonstration program.

Peter Harris, director for sustainability at UPS Europe stated:

“At UPS sustainability is a fundamental part of the way we do business – keeping a balance between economic, environmental and social factors – and FREVUE’s aim to assess and encourage the deployment of electric freight vehicles makes the project a perfect fit for us. Thanks to their zero tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles help reduce particulates and nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere, and their quiet propulsion lessens the noise pollution in busy urban areas.”

Henk Kammeraat, country manager, UPS Netherlands commented:

“Mobility is key to the economic and social development of cities, and all cities, including Rotterdam, are faced with the challenge of finding the correct balance between economic activity and mobility. Congestion and air quality can be tackled with a range of measures, and our electric vehicles are definitely part of these, demonstrating our commitment to looking at innovative ways to improve efficiency and sustainability.”

UPS currently has over 3,100 alternative fuel vehicles in use.  Unfortunately, only a small percentage of that figure are EVs.

UPS Electric Vehicle in Rotterdam

UPS Electric Vehicle in Rotterdam

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EV buses and delivery vehicles will really help the noise and pollution in urban areas…can’t wait for more of these to start showing up.

I’ve been seeing a lot of electric FedEx trucks in LA recently. Does anyone know the specs on those trucks (range, battery size, charge-rate, etc.)?

They might be Smith which has gone out of business. you could google Smith Fed X

Possibly Smith, but looking at FedEx pics, they look more like the Nissan e-NV200. Looks like FedEx started trials with them in DC recently. Maybe they’ve moved on to LA too.

A diesel-electric hybrid UPS truck runs the route that serves my office. It’s pretty lame because it is start-stop and can’t move without the diesel starting up. Driver told me it’s a little hazardous when trying to pull out into traffic because the engine shuts down unexpectedly and takes nearly a full second to get the truck moving again.