Upon Closer Examination, These New Tesla Model 3 Details Emerge

Tesla Model 3 Interior


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Upon detailed scrutiny, many more fine details about the Tesla Model 3 emerge.

Teslarati obtained some outstanding close-up shots of the Tesla Model 3 — mostly the interior features — and has provided some new details. The only exterior feature that was revealed in the new shots is a green, illuminated Tesla logo, which is exposed once the universal charging port door is opened. The Model 3 doesn’t appear to have the illuminated ring associated with the Model S and X.

Tesla Model 3

A look into at a “release candidate” Tesla Model 3 (Licensed via Brian Williams – SpiedBilde)

The pictures show a touchscreen icon, on the bottom right corner of the display, which Model3OwnersClub forum members believe will release the glove compartment door. There isn’t likely any physical button on the glovebox.

As expected, there is very little in the way of physical buttons anywhere in the car. The inside door panels show two small switches; one for the window and one to open the door. Also, the typical small storage compartment is present at the bottom of each door.

The only other noticeable “buttons” will operate the Model 3’s dome lights. The front dome light is located between the sun visors, and the rear dome light is installed on the center cross beam. The pictures are from a car with the optional glass roof, so the placement of the rear dome light may differ in a solid-roof vehicle.

Speaking of the sun visors, Tesla has opted to make them extra large in the Model 3. This makes perfect sense since people complained about too much sun exposure in the Model S and X. Complaints were more specifically targeted at the X’s panoramic roof and large windshield, but the Model S all-glass roof option has also received mention.

Perhaps the least fascinating news, but the most exciting, is that unlike the Tesla Model S, the Model 3 appears to have a standard retractable coat hook. This is something that should be in every car, and especially in all luxury vehicles.

Check out the link below to see the detailed pictures yourself.

Source: Teslarati

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25 Comments on "Upon Closer Examination, These New Tesla Model 3 Details Emerge"

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Retractable clothing hanger hooks and a button to open the glovebox. I’m sure Model 3 reservation holders were dying for those features.

Warren Hurd

Where is the button to make the center screen retract?


No kidding.


As long as we’re wishing… Where is the button to extend the retractable wings and activate the VTOL system? 🙂

Warren Hurd

Oh I like that! However that center screen does look retractable.


Right next to the HUD dimmer wheel.

Mister G



When is mine coming?!?


Ask Ben of Teslanomics, he thinks he knows.


Glove box opening button on the screen is actually very clever, because then there’s no need for a lock. Secure, yet fewer parts.


But that requires an electric latch, one more thing to break. A mechanical latch would be much more reliable.


Yup. What’s with Tesla and door fetish? Didn’t they learn from falcon wing doors? They should’ve just kept it simple mechanical, nothing wrong with that.


The most important question: How many cup holders? SparkEV has 7. Tesla 3 should have at least as many!

Lou Grinzo

Is that the 2017 version of the decades-old question about whether a station wagon could carry 4×8 foot sheets of plywood?

(For those outside the US, yes, this really was a thing, and there were cars that could do this.)


Model 3 is for 5 people. 7 cup holders is pointless.

Devin Serpa

Clearly you’ve never driven in a four cup holder Model S. The middle ages!


I KNEW someone was going to say that. So what is appropriate for Model 3?

SparkEV has 4 cup holders in front, 1 in middle, two between rear seats. Driver has access to 4 cup holders within reach without stretching (1 door, 2 between front seats in front, 1 behind front center console). Between coffee, water, Jamba juice, and some moldy stuff that should’ve been discarded months ago (ie. old cup acting as trash can), having 4 cup holder within easy reach is a must.

That brings to 7 cup holders as a minimum with 4 within easy reach from the driver’s seat.


If you are like my wife, one is full of makeup, one is full of loose change, one has an old big gulp, one holds her phone, one holds her phone’s charging cables, one is a trash receptacle, and we hold our drinks while we are driving.


7 cup holders?! What a waste! Really nothing else to do with that space? Can’t remember the last time I actually had a cup in the cup holder…not much fun of fast food and all the crap associated with it.


“Model 3 is for 5 people. 7 cup holders is pointless.”

My wife often needs 3 by herself. 1 for the water, the second one for coffee/juice/Tea in her own thermal, the 3rd one for her occasionally indulged soda.

Yes, I have seen her drinking all three (not at the same time nor finishing all three) in our car trips.

Nothing wrong with more “storage spaces” that are designed for hydration.


No eating or drinking allowed in my Tesla


Can you trade in the coat hook for a speedometer? Seriously, I would pretty much never use it…


I don’t like the interior.

Not sure if I dislike it enough to cancel my reservation yet. I would have to take a look myself and consider the entire car before I made a decision. But it certainly don’t look favorably at this point.

Robert Middleswarth

I agree at least the photo’s I have seen look horrible to me. I have been attempting to hold judgment until it is unveiled.


Well, obviously there’s little point in cancelling at this point, just before the big announcement of the date of the real reveal… jeeze, the stuff we have to put up with..!

I’m actually glad that it’s still a long time until it’ll get to Norway, so I’ll be able to gather a lot more intel before it’s time to make a decision. And there’s so much else going on that in itself makes me want to wait a bit, at least as long as my LEAF covers my daily needs fairly well. If the last rumor of an electric 3-series in 2018 proves accurate, and if it’s sensibly priced, I may be more tempted by that.

But first it’s time to see if Model 3 is any good and how the production ramp up goes. I hope of course that Tesla will again cause some panic in boardrooms and pressure at shareholders meetings for incumbents to make BEVs front and center.