Upgrading Tesla Model S 60 To 75 Takes 5 Minutes – Video


It takes just 5 minutes, costs a little over $2,000 and bumps range up substantially.

Less than a week ago, news broke of a massive price cut for upgrading your Tesla Model S 60 kWh to 75 kWh. The upgrade occurs over-the-air and is really quite simple.

A day or so after that news came to light, the first video surfaced showing how the upgrade is performed on a Model S.

$2,000 And Just 5 Minutes Is All It Takes To Upgrade Your Model S From 60 kWh To 75 kWh

Now we have a new video showing the upgrade process in real time. The entire process takes under 5 minutes.

Video description:

“Elon Musk got myself (and I’m sure a bunch of others) to upgrade the capacity of their vehicle this morning with a massive price cut to the upgrade! This is the real time video with no edits to show the time it takes to upgrade!”

As you’ll see in the video, the upgrade from 60 to 75 kWh is officially $2,000.

That’s a killer  deal for the added range that access to those additional 15 kWhs provide.

Range should improve by 40 miles or so, according to the chart found here.

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I’d throw a party and get out the dental floss!!

Nice but what about the badge on the back of the car? Is it glued on and easy to replace? Does Tesla send you a new one or do you have to go to a service center to get it replaced?
Anybody know?

Hmmmm. If I’m driving a Rolls Royce, do I really care if anyone else knows I am??????

Buy it and replace it yourself. I’d remove the emblems and have a cleaner look.

Mention the upgrade in your next service center visit and they will rebadge it for free.

That’s what the dental floss is for.

Either way, at the service center or sent to you according to posts on the forum.

Out of curiosity, what was the state of charge immediately after the upgrade? Was it 80% or something a bit higher?

(I’m wondering if the SW limited 60s used the middle of the battery range, or the bottom. It has mild implications for battery life)

No love for the original locked battery 40.
Tesla is still asking for $15,000 to unlock it to a 60?

Wow, what a rare problem. Try sending Elon a twitter question, asking if they are willing to drop the upgrade to $2,000 or $3,000. I would call HQ also. Bear in mind, they will have to charge more if it requires any new hardware at a shop.

Unlocking a 60 to a 75 $2,000 is a great deal. If I owned a 60 I would take it now, even if I had to put it on a credit card. We don’t know how long this discount will last.

Tesla seems to be in a generous mood now before the June 6 annual meeting. IMHO, you may get action NOW, so that owner /shareholders at the annual meeting don’t bring up this issue at the meeting. (Hint, hint). 😉

My advice is don’t be a wallflower. Screw up your courage and send a polite twitter AND also take a day to call Tesla management, not low-level phone people with no power to make decisions. You need a VP or Elon to approve a price change this big. Good Luck!

Dear Tesla.
I want you to note this. I am owner of Model S and I paid 14000 € more for 75 kWh battery compared with 60 kWh battery model price just 3 months ago.
And now you offer this for less than 2000€?
If you ar serious I am asking you to compensate customers like me.
Or can you somehow justify this betrayal? If not I am canceling a reservation of Model 3 and my plans to buy Model X too.
Thank you.

Trying getting a second job, or maybe picking up a hobby.

Any company can discount their products to move them.

With no price guarantee have nothing to go on.

PS Cancel your M3 res if you really have one.

Snarky comment. He has every right to feel SH*T on… do the right thing, Elon!

His threats are pathetic.