Updated Tesla Model X Doors Now A Pinch Risk? (w/videos)


Model X Falcon Door In Parking Garage

Model X Falcon Door In Parking Garage

Tesla has pushed through a software update to reduce the chance of phantom detection on the Model X’s falcon doors, but now it seems another issue has potentially popped up as a result.

According to the automaker, the update to the operation of the doors was to “to improve closure consistency and reduce false detection of obstacles,” but that same update increased the pinch risk.

Owners had complained that the doors would falsely detect an object and close or stop moving on their own. This convinced Tesla that an update was needed to improve operation, but the software change apparently disabled (or significantly lessened) the pressure sensitive sensors in the door frames, which means that the doors won’t stop nearly as easily and then reverse when on obstruction such as a hand is in the way.

Tesla has so far declined to comment on the potential safety issue.

A couple of YouTube videos posted by MEtv Product Reviews shows the door slicing a cucumber in half after the software update. The first of which is below (the other you can watch here).

Shortly thereafter (video #2 below), the MEtv host updated his report (with confidence gained from Facebook), and bravely put his arm in the path of the Falcon Wing while closing. Did it detect his arm and stop in time? Snap his arm completely off? Off just give him a nice chomp?

Video (below): ye olde arm in the door test

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I’m not a fan of the Falconwing doors, but this seems a bit over the top. How long has mankind gotten by without safety sensors in the door jams of any vehicle? Everyone knows to keep their hands away from car doors while they close. The Model X is no exception.

No matter how many times you tell the kids to keep their hands in the car, they often stick it out. If a door slams shut in fraction of a second, kids won’t have the time to put their hand out. But if it takes many seconds like FWD, kids will stick up their hands, or worse, their neck.

Sure – if the door is powered by human beings. But Tesla has chosen to have its car take over the task, and so they have inherited any blame for what might otherwise be written off as the result of human stupidity.

OMG, the horror! How many cucumbers will die because of this?

I confess, it never occurred to us to put a cucumber in the way when closing the power sliding doors the minivan we used to own. 🙄

We did, however, keep our arms and fingers out of the way when closing the doors. For that matter, most people are careful to do the same even with manually closed doors.

It’s just bizarre to see people talk about the Model X falcon wing doors as if power doors are somehow a New Thing that nobody has had to deal with before. The absence of common sense displayed here by fellow members of my species is depressing. 🙁

Maybe in the future you and your fellow trolls will evolve to have common sense, but I doubt it. 😉

Here, let me get a MIRROR for you to stare at, while you say that…

Anon, you fail to give me the validation that I so desperately crave. :-\

Resources that could have gone to making Model 3’s within a timeframe that would have been possibly competitive with the Bolt are being wasted on gimmic features. But for the moment, the gimmicks are selling Teslas tech image. So maybe it is a good thing? I don’t know.

Pretty sure these doors cause fewer Model X sales, not more.

I think that’s rather questionable. The FW doors attract attention every time people see the doors open. Surely Tesla is getting at least some sales from that type of in-person advertising.

Let us please keep in mind that a tiny minority of people posting complaints to the Internet, regardless of how loud they are, does not represent the majority of Tesla customers. You know… the group which has a 98% positive customer satisfaction rating, according to Consumer Reports.

The idea that the average car buyer would be any more concerned about the falcon wing doors chopping cucumbers in half than he would be about the safety of minivan power sliding doors… is absurd to the point of being laughable.

You’re the biggest Tesla apologist around these parts. Mini-van buyers are concerned about power-sliding doors injuring their children. That’s why all power-sliding doors on mini-vans have fully functional safety sensors that will stop and reverse the door when an obstruction is detected. The Model X also has these safety sensors, but Tesla completely disabled them when it could not tweak the software to prevent phantom obstacle detection when the doors open and close. Here’s what Cars.com said in their article “Minivans and Safety”: “Power-sliding door safety: Some parents voice concerns about their children being injured by power-sliding doors. All such doors are designed to reverse if they hit an obstruction. The amount of pressure they apply varies from model to model; even the most vigorous is unlikely to injure a child, though it could give ’em a scare.” http://www.cars.com/go/crp/buyingGuides/Story.jsp?section=Van&story=minivanSafe2012&subject=stories&year=New Off topic: FYI Pu-Pu, last week you said it was foolish to be concerned about getting harmed in a terrorist attack in the U.S. because the odds of getting hit by lightning or dying in a car accident were much greater. I told you it was valid concern in major cities like NYC, which have been attacked numerous times in the… Read more »

sven posted more FUD:

“all power-sliding doors on mini-vans have fully functional safety sensors that will stop and reverse the door when an obstruction is detected.”

Yes, and the second video posted above shows exactly that happening with a falcon-wing door.

“The Model X also has these safety sensors, but Tesla completely disabled them…”

Now, sven, is this outright falsehood which you wrote, merely a failure of reading comprehension on your part? Or are you repeating a deliberate like made up by another Tesla-hating FUDster?

The door edge sensors, which Tesla disabled, do not exist on other cars. The sensors in the door closing mechanism is what stopped the falcon wing from crushing the arm of the guy in that video. That’s the same system used in minivan sliding doors.

Now, sven, did that really need to be explained to you? Or are you just pretending you didn’t understand that, as an excuse to again commit fraud by posting completely untrue FUD about Tesla?

sven ranted: “…last week you said it was foolish to be concerned about getting harmed in a terrorist attack in the U.S. because the odds of getting hit by lightning or dying in a car accident were much greater.” Typical of you to mis-characterize what I said, since you really hate how I point out so many of the untruths, fraud, and outright lies in the huge volume of anti-Tesla fraud, FUD, and propaganda that you post. No, what I pointed out is that it’s foolish to waste time worrying about being injured or killed in a terrorist attack, since our chances of being injured or killed by lighting is significantly greater… and most of us don’t waste time worrying about that, now do we? We don’t waste time on that because it’s so rare its not worth worrying about. The only reason people waste time worrying about terrorist attacks is because the news media keeps obsessively reporting on them… and doesn’t cover injuries by lightning hits at all. You, sven, responded to my “reality check” by going into a rant about how, according to your warped thinking we Midwesterners don’t care at all about the 9/11 attacks. I’m sorry… Read more »

I truly don’t get it.
I see not a single advantage for this type of door(*) vs. standard manual doors, but lots of disadvantages — 10x failure modes, requiring electricity to use, more expensive both initially and to repair, heavier, and much slower t open/close.

(*) People with physica ldisability excepted.

Yeah. I think perhaps a better solution would been three rows of doors for the three rows of seats.

Or the cutting-edge technology called “sliding doors” that was invented over 30 years ago.

But sliding doors aren’t cool, so instead it’s time for gimmicks.

I’ve never liked the FWD either and they were a deal-breaker for me because I wanted to carry 17 foot kayaks on the roof.

Love the 2014 Model S that I currently own.

In the pic above, the limp, half opened passenger-side falcon wing door makes it look like the Model X has erectile disfunction. 😀

It’s disconcerting that Tesla chose to secretly disable a safety feature when it could not tweak the software for the pinch sensors to function properly, rather than going through with a recall to replace the faulty pinch sensors with new improved hardware that actually works like it’s supposed to. 🙁

It’s disconcerting that a serial Tesla basher would pretend to actually be a fan of Tesla Motors, and pretend that his motive for incessantly posting fraudulent anti-Tesla FUD is not his “short” investment in Tesla stock.

But sadly, sven isn’t the only one. There are at least three serial Tesla bashers who regularly post here, for whom that sad situation appears to be true.

And you are a Tesla lackey. Tesla has chosen to have the Model X take over how the doors open and shut, and so Tesla has taken the responsibility for their doors to work safely. And this means they put themselves in the position to design doors that would not injure people who might innocently get in the way of the door operation.

All these videos do is expose Tesla’s risk. What they have created for themselves with the Model X is an ongoing nightmare.

I’m sorry that you are unable to comprehend that this is exactly the same situation that has existed with minivan power sliding doors; has existed for decades.

Nobody is ranting and posting videos about that, or making stupid remarks about cutting cucumbers in two with minivan sliding doors, now are they? So why are the Model X falcon wing doors, which are no more dangerous, getting all this FUD and this new smear campaign?

Because all the Tesla stock shorters want to manipulate Tesla’s stock price, that’s why. There certainly isn’t any logical or rational reason for all this “much ado about nothing”.

PP: “So why are the Model X falcon wing doors, which are no more dangerous (than minivan powered sliding doors), getting all this FUD and this new smear campaign?”

Because as these videos have shown, they ARE more dangerous than they should be. And what is worse, they BECAME more dangerous after Tesla “updated” them. THIS is the reason the Model X owner is furious with Tesla Motor Company.

What safety features have GM and Ford disabled in their cars? I didn’t realize that of all the automakers in the world, GM, Ford and Tesla routinely disable their safety features.

The “falcon wing” doors are an idiotic feature on any SUV. They prevent installation of a roof rack. More importantly, the Model X delays due to such doors delayed the affordable Model 3 so that the Chevy Bolt beats it to market easily.

That is factually incorrect. The Model ≡ has to wait on the Gigafactory to start producing battery cells in volume, and the Model X delay hasn’t affected that by a single day.

Tesla will be paying for those “hubris” for a long time…

*sigh*. Tesla went too far on this one (model X).

I don’t see this as a negative. Elon needed to learn the limits of reality, so he can do better on the next vehicle project. And that project would in fact be, the Model 3.

Everything is being done to ensure the mistakes and ‘hubris’ of X, does not occur this time. And that’s an awesome thing, timing wise. 🙂

Well is a slow learner then.
He learn that opting for a Lotus body for the roadster was more complicated than building from scratch.
He learn that pull out pull in handle on the S add nothing to the car except reliability problem.
He learn that the FWD add nothing to the convenience of owner except they add cost, weight, leak, no rack option and are troublesome, to say the least.
I don’t talk about auto pilot because even thought he release it in beta mode, we will get there, eventually.
So, for a guy that have so much on his shoulder, I wonder why he keep putting unnecessary stuff.
Nevertheless, I appreciate somebody who has gut like him, but he should keep thing simple from time to time.

Thanks Djoni, and yes that’s a good summary of the history of how Elon’s incessant meddling has caused delay after delay with Tesla Motors.

Yeah, he should have learned his lesson with the Tesla Roadster. Unfortunately, he didn’t. Did it finally sink in with the Model X? Personally, I doubt it, despite what he keeps saying. Just look at the panoramic roof, and the lack of instrument cluster, on the Model ≡.

I presume you are referring to the same Model 3 that is currently slated to have a glass roof and no instrument cluster.

Elon’s days of gimmicks-over-quality are far from over.

+1 MMF

Solution looking for a problem which caused problem for another sution.

Dies that make sense ?
It’s not supposed to 🙂

The thing about making stuff foolproof is that fools evolve faster then fool-proofing methods. Not only that it also encouarages the evolution of fools.

Fools evolve? 😀

“Here in the 21st century, we have a much more evolved breed of fool than in centuries past.”

Sorry… I just had to put it in a sentence. 🙂

“If you make something idiot proof, someone will just make a better idiot.” — Murphy’s Laws