Updated Tesla Autopilot Now Being Beta Tested By Owners


The time has finally come! The major Tesla Autopilot update that CEO Elon Musk has been speaking of for some time is in beta testing.

Not long ago, Musk announced that the new Autopilot had entered the final testing stages. He said that there were many more improved features, however, consistency was still an issue, which would be worked out soon.

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Blue Tesla Model 3

All Autopilot updates – once pushed to Tesla’s entire fleet – will be the same in Model 3 vehicles (if activated) as Model S and X vehicles with the second-gen system.

At least some features of the new, more-advanced Autopilot system (which is attempting to perform certain tasks as seamlessly as the first-generation Mobileye Autopilot) are now activated in Tesla owners’ cars in beta mode for testing.

According to Electrek, a recent software update finally allows Autopilot 2.0 to “see” and show other nearby vehicles on the cars’ display screen. Autosteer has also been updated, along with other features that are dependent on the vehicles’ built-in neural network, which has been incrementally tweaked and improved over time.

This is not to say that the full-fledged Enhanced Autopilot is ready to go. Nor is it any solid indication that all features related to Autopilot are being updated at this time. However, drivers that shared with the publication spoke to vast improvements. Some owners feel that the second-generation system is now better on the highway than Autopilot 1.0. Others still disagree.

Such reported improvements include a better driving experience with Autosteer engaged, more consistent lane detection, and less of the lane-bouncing effect that people have reported as of late. If the beta tests prove successful, Tesla will soon push the updates fleetwide.

Source: Electrek

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I wish that Tesla would add a car2car as well as stationary2car communication links. Stationary2car is really needed to warn of road conditions esp accidents, limit changes, etc.
Car2car can also spell out accidents, car intentions ( I.e. give hints of what is to come ), even just games between passengers.

That sounds great, but I think that other advancements outside of Tesla, such as progress in 5G wireless networks, are needed before you will see much of that from anyone. You also have to get governments to implement the technology in places such as work zones.

Using external comms from other vehicles or stationary points would be a security disaster. Other cars can provide false information directly causing accidents. Trying to prevent this via “trusted” systems is a losing battle just like drm. The bad actors will break it, and when they do they will get people killed. The car should only rely on visible light and sound, information any normal person can see, so anything illicit done to affect the car is visible to everyone.

It’s a very sad commentary on current American society, how so many people seem to be ruled by fear. Whenever a new technology for the masses is proposed, it seems the first reaction some people have is “Oh, what if terrorists or criminals use this to attack someone?” It’s also a sad commentary on the large degree to which terrorists have “won” in making Americans afraid, altho they have an enthusiastic partner helping them spread terror and fear: Professional news outlets and “network” news shows. When Britain suffered a coordinated terrorist attack on London’s subway system, the Brits just kept a stiff upper lip and carried on. How I wish we Americans were like the British in that regard! * * * * * Experimental self-driving car fleets are already experimenting with inter-vehicle wireless communications. This will absolutely become part of future self-driving cars. Cars will need to “talk” to each other for such purposes as passing through intersections without having to stop, and seamlessly merging with traffic when entering an expressway or changing lanes. Claiming that we shouldn’t use vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communications because some bad actor might misuse the system, is as silly as claiming that we should remove… Read more »

it is necessary to add detection and adherence by the car of the lane provided that there is no complete road marking or severe damage to it.

AP1, as a reference point, has been dumbed down somewhat. Operating Tesla’s AP on two lane (double-yellow) roads has always been more hands on, but since Tesla eliminated AP1’s ability to exceed the speed limit, +5mph on non-highways, there are fewer conditions to show where AP1 shines.

Both versions are great to have.

I’d just like to have ANYTHING with Autopilot 1 or 2..

Soon my child..

I think the tech is far from ready and you all are silly to pay extra for it. A very long way to go, years, so enjoy driving a great car yourself.

I can only assume you have not experienced sustained AP1 use and therefore haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about.

The title implies that Autopilot at some point ceased being beta tested? It’s been one huge beta test from the beginning.

Insurance company sues Tesla over Model X Autopilot crash: https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2018/insurance-company-sues-tesla-model-x-crash.shtml

In this instance, the beta testing did work, as Tesla pushed out updates soon after that AP crash. Just need to overlook that it took a Model X owner almost dying being a Tesla crash test dummy to spur those updates.

Maybe Tesla should handle it like GM handled the ignition debacle: Ignore the problem while 124 people die and 275 are injured until they are forced to recall due to lawsuits.

Is that better in your eyes? People in glass houses…

I don’t see any evidence of a ‘neural net’ implementation here. Tesla lately has been saying they have an Intel custom chip set. Is this worse or better than nVidia GPU chip sets?

All of these AP stories conveniently gloss over the underlying tech.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Meh, AP, no thanks.