Updated CCS/Combo Charge Map For Europe

JUL 16 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

CCS inlet in Europe

CCS inlet in Europe

Europe exceed a mark of 200 CCS (or Combo) fast chargers!

With another 40-50 planned, CCS is growing at a similar pace to CHAdeMO, which has almost 1,200 in Europe now (similar growth may be mainly because more and more chargers are multi-standard units).

Anyways, in France there are still no CCS, and even Tesla overtook CCS with some Superchargers now online in France!

The largest network is in the home of CCS – Germany, where electric BMW’s and Volkswagen’s are able to quick charge just like Nissan LEAF from CHAdeMO.

To see direct locations please visit CCS Charge Map – Europe

Props to map creator Mutwin Kraus!!!

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Anyone have a US CCS map? I assume it is depressingly sparse but growing.

I’m actually working on that, it will be at http://ccs-map.us/ in the next couple of weeks.


Fiat should start putting a CCS port on its Fiat 500e. That would help that cute little car.

Good idea CCS for Fiat 500e. How many Fiat 500 e’s in Europe? six?

Dont forget the 43kw TYP2 AC chargers, which is EU-Standard for fast charging besides CCS. CHAdeMO is NOT a defined EU standard. They are includes in each ABB Terra 53 Multicharger, btw and used by Fastned etc. A 43kw TYP AC charger can be installed at home for under 1000€ !!

This map is built specifically to show only CCS locations, however I recently added additional information on whether a CHAdeMO or Type-2 plug is available at the same location. If you’re looking for non-CSS the site is probably not very useful.

Look for example at this UK Chargemap

There you can see the desity of TYP2 43kw AC and TYP 22kw AC in UK alone, its impressive.

I counted around 100 TYP2 43kw charger in UK alone.

It’s starting to look like something. Now it’s only missing some avaliable 200 real world km EREV’s or 300 km pure EV’s.