Updated BMW i8 Coming With More HP On Tap


BMW i8, Image Credit: BMW

BMW i8, Image Credit: BMW

We all know that the BMW i3 got a new, upgraded battery this year (94 Ah/33 kWh). This follows earlier reports that both the i3 and the i8 would get updates going into 2017.

Inside the BMW i8, Image Credit: BMW

Inside the BMW i8, Image Credit: BMW

Now, it’s the i8’s turn. The facelifted BMW i8 will see a powertrain upgrade, which will account for more horsepower and overall range. This is outstanding news, especially since the i8 is about the worst kWh/per $ value on the market. Then again, who are we kidding though?  The super hybrid beast is really not about value.

The upcoming i8 will hit showroom floors sometime next year with 15 more horsepower (probably along with the release of the BMW i8 Roadster). The powertrain is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder, paired with a strong electric motor. Total output will reach 372 horsepower. Current specs show zero to 60 in about four seconds, so we assume that the new i8 may break the four-second threshold.

The revised battery pack in the BMW i3 provides a fifty percent upgrade in range. While it is not known what type of boost the BMW i8 will see, a range bump is almost surely in the works.

BMW i8 Safety Car foreshadows upgrade for next year's "standard" i8, with more power and a almost 50% larger battery (10.1 kW battery).

BMW i8 Safety Car foreshadows upgrade for next year’s “standard” i8, with more power and a almost 50% larger battery (10.1 kW battery).

The new i8 prototypes is already being tested in fleets, and also as a Formula E safety cars. The BMW i8 safety cars use a 10 kWh battery pack, while the current i8 has a 7.1 kWh battery pack – this would translate to roughly 37 km/23 miles of real world/EPA range.

There is no confirmation from BMW that the safety car specs will precisely mirror the upcoming i8, but it would make the most sense given the legwork is already complete. If so, the chassis modifications including upgraded springs and dampers, lower ride height, and 20 inch alloys, among other mods, may be in line with the new production release.


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It’s still just a toy, why concentrate on that?

Meh, it is just a little update to snag a few more sales. They clearly have many other vehicles in the pipeline.

BMW continues to beat this dead horse by re-hashing more nonsense…Enough Already !

They need to make it more practical. You shouldn’t need to read the manual and watch a youtube video to figure out how to add washer fluid.

Do you really think that someone that owns an i8 is going to top off their own washer fluid?

Yes, among other things.

This car is a joke.

A Joke to say the very least . Yea, with the fake Engine sounds an all, It’s a very bad Corny and ongoing Joke!

It is definitely weird. If 10 years ago I told people that “BMW will build a 3-cylinder supercar soon”, people would have laughed at me.

It is not a super car but clearly is moving things in the right direction. I’d not surprised if they brought out an all electric version, like they missed the opportunity to do in the first place.

Then the car will truly be Born Electric!

I’m guessing people who buy these aren’t that concerned about EV range. But it seems sad that the range is lower than nearly all other Plug-in Hybrids. Seriously… can’t they at least put enough battery to compete with the Prius Prime on range?

The joke is battery thermal management, when you leave out an internal combustion engine. It’s better to wait for the i8 to get enough battery, on balance with its 3cyl, than it is to give the knod to attempts at mating an 8cyl to even less battery storage (not naming names).

Kudos BMW!

Glad to see they’re still on track for a range increase soon. I love the styling and interior of the i8. I also like BMW’s strategy of putting plugs on vehicles of all different types and making them top end desirable models.

But even if I had the money for an i8… (hah! I wish!) I can think of at least 2 maxed out Tesla models that I would buy before I’d consider an i8 for myself.

The i8 does appeal to a certain type of car enthusiast however, who may or may not care about EVs specifically. We need more of these guys on board with Plug-Ins so keep making improvements to the i8 BMW!

This is a damn good car

I like the black one. It’s good they are improving it, though the fundamental flaws that plague it, really can’t be changed.

If you simply must have gas, a nice niche car with no competish, capisce?

Well this is the closest you can get to a CFRP hybrid sportscar without spending a million dollars. And it has plug in range that exceeds most of those offerings.

Wow, a battery that’s just over half the size of Volt battery. That’s very impressive in the world now of 100 kWh+ batteries. I think the best part is the fake ICE noise. VERY impressive to say the least. Maybe they can create a large battery pack with fake storage capacity- that way it can mirror the the gas engine. What’s not fake, though, is the price. Still more than a loaded Tesla P00DL. That’s pretty impressive, too, along with all the folks who would skip the P100 for the BMW badge…

A guy with an i8 came into my work and I asked him how much EV range does he normally get and he said that he never charges it. Only uses gas

Lol. I facepalmed

Meh! It can’t touch a Tesla S. Time to triple the HP, get 140kwh battery and forget about the little 3-****-pot ICE altogether.