Update: VoltStats.net to Return Soon!


As we reported a few days ago, the third party VoltStats.net data tracking website has been unable to access updated Chevrolet Volt mileage statistics since October 13th, due to a request from Onstar and GM, citing vague security concerns.

Today, however, an update on the VoltStats.net Facebook site states that GM will be working on a new interface to allow the site to start polling vehicle data again.  Somewhat surprisingly (or impressively, if you prefer), GM has even decided to respond to the concern of a lack of data for the VoltStats.net website on their own Volt Facebook page.

It appears now the only question is how long it will take before VoltStats.net can access updated data.  Here’s the content of the post released on the official Volt Facebook page:

Volt Owners –

We want to apologize for any inconvenience associated with VoltStats.net. We understand that many of you value the energy tracking that VoltStats.net provides, but we want to ensure that all access to your and OnStar’s data is properly authorized. We are working with the developer to get the site up and running so that you will not have to provide your OnStar ID and password to obtain VoltStats data.

In the end, this is the best of both worlds, where our data is better protected and you will have the energy tracking data provided by VoltStats.net.

Thank you for your patience while we work through this issue.

The Volt and OnStar team

Another Handy Feature of VoltStats.Net Lets You Chart MPG Statistics and Your Percentile Ranking Against Other Tracked Volts

As of this writing and only a few hours after GM posted this on their Volt Facebook page, over 85 people have “Liked” the update so far; quite an impressive response.

There’ll likely be a bit more of a wait while the details are worked out (hopefully less than the wait for MyVolt.com to work).  GM estimates it may take up to 2 weeks to get data access operational again, but hang in there, it’s on the way!  /thanks GM!

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I wonder how the website will handle missing a month of data?