Upcoming Mercedes B Class Caught In US Testing…A Couple Times (lots of photos)

AUG 12 2013 BY JAY COLE 25

Mercedes B Class Makes Itself Cozy Next To A Nissan LEAF In Atlanta

Mercedes B Class Makes Itself Cozy Next To A Nissan LEAF In Atlanta

Sometimes you look for plug-ins, sometimes they look for you…at least it seems that way.

That was the case today in Atlanta for the upcoming Mercedes B-Class that debuted early this year at the New York Auto Show, and earlier in New Jersey as well.  At the time Mercedes put the all-electric range of the B-Class at up to 115 miles (US city), and 200 km (124 miles) overall on the NEDC cycle via the car’s 28 kWh battery.  A “EPA range” equal to around the BMW i3 is expected.

Hey, What Is Happening In Here?

Hey, What Is Happening In Here?

“As I approached the end of my daily commute to work I was surprised by the visitor in one of our two Blink L2 charges. A black Mercedes B class with manufacturer plates just completing a trip from Miami to Atlanta. The B class has a range of about 120 miles and will be sold in the US sometime in early2014.

The guys who showed up were directly from Stuttgart and will drive around Atlanta until tomorrow. There are other teams doing New York to Boston and in other non-disclosed areas. The B class has a 6KW charger but no Tesla nor CHAdeMo high speed chargers. The trunk is larger than the Leaf and I wasn’t able to convince them to allow me to see if there is a frunk or not.” – InsideEVs reader ER

Another Look At The B-Class In Atlanta Getting A Boost

Another Look At The B-Class In Atlanta Getting A Boost

...Meanwhile A Thousand Miles Away

…Meanwhile A Thousand Miles Away

InsideEVs contributor, Tom Moloughney, also had a visit from the B-Class himself and sent in these pictures for your enjoyment:

“I was paid a visit yesterday by some nice men from Daimler who stopped by my restaurant for some lunch and just happened to have one of the few Mercedes B-Class EV’s made.”


Mercedes B-Class Interior On Display

Mercedes B-Class Interior On Display

Mercedes B Class Seating

Mercedes B Class Seating

More Inside The B-Class

More Inside The B-Class

Mercedes B-Class

Mercedes B-Class

Mercedes B-Class

Mercedes B-Class

More Mercedes B-Class In The Gallery via Tom  (double click):

You can read about Tom’s experience in its entirety at his ActiveE blog here.

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It looks like Mercedes wants to take the spot light from Tesla Gen 3!

This isn’t a BlueStar competitor. The B-Class will be out in 8-10 months and BlueStar is at least 3 -31/2 years out. It does squarely compete with the i3 though. They have about the same range, both come from luxury German manufacturers and will launch within months of each other.

Again, really nice job getting those shots Tom! You the guy, (=

I think Mercedes is blowing their opportunity here. If they had offered a vehicle like this with close to a 200 mile range and a price tag between the i3 and 208-mile Model S, it would get more buzz and much more consideration from buyers. Unless this is very aggressively priced, i.e., below the i3, I don’t see it doing that well.

Totally agree. Even if they didn’t go as far as 200 miles they could have still really created a niche for the car. Lets say it had a 125 -150 mile EPA rating, and MB could sell it for 52K. It would be 20K less than the cheapest Model S and only 10K more than an i3. They would be alone in that class and range. Yes, the Toyota RAV4 EV is there, but I don’t include that in discussions since it’s such a low volume CA-only EV. I’ve been told the B-Class will not be as such, and will be available everywhere.

For me, it’ll be a toss-up between the B-Class and the i3. With an 80 mile round trip commute, the B-Class will have sufficient range for my commute and still keep me all electric. With the i3, i would have to get the REx to make the mileage in the winter, which means dealing with gasoline, oil changes, etc.

It’ll come down to a question of price. I’m willing to pay more to not have to stop at a gas station ever again.

DHouk: Don’t assume the range will be better than the i3. If it is, it won’t be by much. I bet the EPA range rating on these two cars is within 5 miles of each other.

Well that’s depressing

You will only change oil every two years or maybe longer with a proper synthetic. Range extenders on an 80+ mile EREV will rarely be used. Think about the maintenance on any given ICE that only travels 2000 miles per year. Then add to the fact that not being connected to the drive train also poses less strain on the engine. The goal of any EREV is to drive on electricity as much as possible. The extender is only for flexibility.

We in Washington State love our Rav4 EV’s imported from CA. And they qualify for tax exempt WA sales tax too… Don’t let “California only” Ev’s limit your choices.

This should cost about the same $45k and have the same range as the BMW i3. An second car EV for someone who already has an ICE Mercedes Benz. Just like the i3 will be a second car EV for a current MB ICE owner.

And no, it won’t be coming with the Japanese charger. Mercedes, just like BMW and VW and Audi will launch with the SAE Combo Charger, which is soon to be the European standard.

But offering a 6.6kWh onboard charger is a good move for MB. Since most will charge at home and it should take about 4 hours like the rest.

The charger on the B-Class EV is likely a 10kW charger, since Tesla does not make a 6.6kW charger.

The “Japanese” charger you are referring to is called CHAdeMO, and is currently at about 900 places in Europe, and about 3000 worldwide and growing rapidly. It is the only world standard that is the same in Tokyo, Chicago, Oslo, or even Berlin.

The proposed standard you are referring to has yet to launch in any car or have a single public charger in any country. Currently, only 8 auto manufacturers from only two countries, Germany and the USA, will use the future proposal. The proposal is not even common between the two countries.

While supporters of this proposed standard, like yourself, would love for the EU to adopt it (and outlaw CHAdeMO), so far it’s “big hat, no cattle”.

The rest of all the world’s auto manufacturers do not intend to use the US/German proposed standard. Many of those manufacturers also have no intention to build any near term mass market electric vehicle.

Tony: The guys driving the Mercedes told be it can take up to 9.6kW (40amps @240) so I suppose it is the same onboard Tesla charger in your RAV4.

That’s what I thought. Tesla isn’t going to spend extra money to develop a special charger for Mercedes when they use the same one in Model S, X, Rav4, all the Superchargers, and now the Mercedes B-Class. It will likely be in the future Gen III, too.

I don’t mean to be cynical but I assume this will be another high-price compliance car like the Tesla-built Toyota RAV4. But hopefully some Benz fans buy in and enjoy electric driving.

If I was a betting man, I would agree with you 100%. The B-Class too closely follows the methods of Toyota with the Rav4 EV; most of the electric drivetrain “farmed out” to Tesla, and conversions of existing oil cars.

Also, Toyota was already required to comply with CARB-ZEV starting with 2012 model year (0.79% of production must be zero emission). Daimler / Mercedes is only recently added to the CARB-ZEV list, hence it arriving next year.

So, the bottom line is that Daimler MUST sell the car in California and other CARB states in the future, and it MAY offer it elsewhere.

Maybe they have a range extender too.

No there will not be a range extender option on the B-Class EV.

Wanna bet? That is not what I heard from the guys from Stuttgart.

I hope you are right, but the people I spoke to didn’t tell me that. A couple years go when Mercedes announced the Concept B-Class E-CELL PLUS, it had a small battery and a range extender, but this is a different EV. The B-Class EV has a Tesla powertrain and 28kWh battery and I don’t think there is room for them to add a range extender. Here’s a link to an article on the B-Class E-Cell PLUS. As far as I know that car has been scrapped: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2011/09/ecell-20110913.html

I’ll bet the cost of an equivalent gallon of gas. WIth BMW coming out witht he i3 with the extender, I think MB is pressed to come up with one that will go over the top. You know sibling rivalry.

why do all of these EV’s have to be so ugly, Tesla & Smart only good looking ev’s… and volt

Ford Focus Electric isn’t bad. At least it doesn’t look like a frog/fish.

Yeah, after getting a $5K price-cut, the FFE is not so bad. It still loses a lot of trunk space and is a bit expensive but it looks good and seems to run decent.

Volt looks ok if you don’t mind a car with a cramped interior, low ceiling, poor visibility, shallow trunk. Its the “in” style these days vs. a more practical taller vehicle with better visibility such as the i3, Ford C-Max or even Leaf.