Up To 50% Of Automobiles On Roads In Singapore Will Be Electric By 2050


BMW i3 And i8 in Singapore

BMW i3 And i8 in Singapore

BMW i3 In Singapore

BMW i3 In Singapore

New predictions suggest that up to 50% of vehicles on Singapore’s roads by 2050 will be plug-in electric.

The low side of the prediction is 30%, but both percentages are still quite elevated overall. That is, high enough for the electric invasion to be considered a success if either mark is met.

World Highways adds:

“The predictions come from research carried out by Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Singapore is planning on increasing the number of electric vehicles on its roads in a bid to cut urban pollution. The so-called electro-mobility road map has been revealed by the National Research Foundation and the National Climate Change Secretariat.”

Singapore, like several other nations, suffers from pollution caused by automobile emissions. Singapore hopes to address this problem by pushing for electric vehicle.

Today, there are only 120 plug-in cars on the roads in Singapore, so huge strides must be made if the electric car population is to grow to up to 50% by 2050.

The first step for Singapore is to require buses and taxis to switch to electric in the coming years.

Source: World Highways

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My take, Singapore will ban all cars, trucks and buses that have gasoline or Diesel engine by 2032. Importing new gasoline or Diesel cars will be banned by 2022.

They should be disappointed if it isn’t 50% by 2030 at least.


NTU keeps putting out silly EV and battery related press releases.

The real truth is Singapore’s electricity is heavily reliant on fossil fuels and despite being at the Equator, they don’t support renewable energy like solar.

Then there’s the weird auto industry to contend with. The average Joe can’t afford a car (thanks to COE and taxes), at best, they can afford the special weekend-only vehicle. The rich are the ones with cars, and guess what – they don’t care about green more than they care about being chauffeured. So Chevy Bolts or Nissan Leafs will not appeal to them.

100 million dollars tax per year if EV will to replace gasoline vehicle in taxes. tis is a goose which lay golden eggs.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

The key is “plug in electric”, ie., not electric.

It brings to mind Lincoln’s old pun: “how many legs does a dog have if we call a tail a leg”

“…up to 50% of vehicles on Singapore’s roads by 2050 will be plug-in electric.”

That’s pretty meaningless. “Up to” could mean anything between 0.0000000001% to 50%.

But I think that’s wrong. I think it will be substantially more than 50% by 2050. That’s 34 years from now! I certainly hope the EV revolution will progress faster than that.

2050?? someone was really trying to say something PC without any accountability. Give us your goal for 2025.

Up to 50% by 2050, sure sounds like a bold claim! They should know something we don’t know! 😛

Knowing what you know now, 6 years ago – would you have forseen what is actually the EV Landscape we have today?

Some would have said more EV’s. Some would have said less. I am sure none were close to accurate!

Next, if it took 6 years i USA to get to 1% EV sales market penetration, how long do you think it will take to hit 2%? I estimate +3 to tops at +4 years!

Then, the question is: How long will it take to reach 4% of market sales penetration? I woul guess +2.5 to + 3 years, tops! At about 4% – 8% we will see the sharper radius of the technology ‘S’ curve happening! From there it will be rapid and continuous growth!

That is what I estimate, but I might even be a bit pessimistic, or – out of the loop – on what changes and bew vehicle options coming will do to this, like the “Chysler Pacifica Hybrid”, for instance! When Soccer Mom’s can get an 80 mpg minivan like that, things will change much faster!