Check Out Unplugged Performance’s Refresh Front Fascia Installed On 2014 Tesla Model S – Video


Want a refreshed Tesla Model S, but you have an “old and busted” original edition and aren’t keen to purchase a new Tesla just yet?

As earlier promised, Unplugged Performance has perfected a “refresh” kit for original Model S electric vehicles to make them look new again.  After checking out the promo video, we have to agree that they did a fine job!

Video Description via Unplugged Performance on YouTube:

Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia System for the Tesla Model S

Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia System for the Tesla Model S

We did a quick walk around documenting the transformation of our 2014 P85+ demo car using our Refresh Front Fascia!.

The Refresh Front Fascia is designed to replace the OEM front bumper cover on any pre-refreshed Model S cars, from 2012-early 2016, giving it the clean lines of the Model X, Model 3, and newer Model S. Distinctively designed, we added our own flair to the Tesla’s design language; with accentuated lines, as well as an integrated lower front spoiler. The end result is a visual upgrade over the mass produced Tesla bumper and something special to stand apart at the Supercharger.

You can order your own for $2,995, but it is on backorder at the moment. Either they are selling like hot cakes, or the company is making only a few and producing them on a “made-to-order” basis out of the gate.

It will fit any Tesla Model S produced from 2012 to May of 2016. Slight variations are available, as Tesla has made minor changes through the years, and doesn’t produce cars on a traditional “model-year” organizational system.

Keep in mind that you can’t remove the nosecone if needed. However, Unplugged has come up with some type of safety system so that you can get at the 12V battery in case of an emergency, like when the battery is completely drained and the hood won’t open. You will need to have it painted to match your vehicle, and professionally installed (be sure that you have your body shop transfer the Tesla emblem to the new bumper). None of which is included in the price.

Follow this link to check it out on the Unplugged Performance website.

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It looks nice,but I wonder wat it does to the drag coefficient?

Yeah, there’s the rub.

I do think this looks nicer than the standard “refreshed” Model S, but I wouldn’t want it if it meant sacrificing efficiency and range.

A $3k price tag is also lower than I would expect for something made in such low quantities. Presumably that doesn’t include the cost of installation?

Looks better than the stock all day.

It does. They should send a few of those this way

.. before the championship begins.

Tough market for stuff like this. Painted and installed you have to be looking at close to $4k for one of these (unless you can do the paint and install yourself). For someone with a 2015 or early 2016 model, they might consider sellin their existing car and ponying up another few grand and getting a 2016 refresh, so the m arket is really likely just 2012-2014 cars. The small market and “Tesla tax” really drive the price up on this piece.

As a comparison, when my wife messed up the bumper on her 2001 BMW 530i, I replaced it with an aftermarket M5 bumper which I painted and installed myself. I think I was around $500-$600 all in on that conversion. Admittedly, the aftermarket only had to copy the factory offering, which Unlimited didn’t have the luxury of doing.

meh, if it does nothing for aero, why bother…

It’s for aesthetics.

But judging by what you said you clearly have no style or taste.

You probably wear generic clothes and generic colors. Move along.

Another fashion police post?

Dude, you are definitely posting to the wrong forum.

You can match the paint near perfectly on day one but they’ll slightly fade at different rates and eventually look off…Better way is to have it installed and plastidip the whole car after…

Plastic and metal technically don’t match “perfectly” from the factory. Nevertheless, if you have garaged your Model S (which seems like it would be common) you won’t have to worry about paint fading.

The Best thing to do is to “Leave well enough Alone”!

Where’s your sense of add-on venture!

l o l …I lost it long ago …I now like factory stock ..There are always consequences when things are modified. For One The cost , 2nd it’s not original anymore , I think that mods take away from the car & it’s value . I truly believe that things “usually” work better when left as they were intended.

The original nose was better looking. They should make a retrofit old nose for the new cars.

Absolutely agree

Now you’re talking!

I love the nosecone. 🙂

The Nose Knows ! l o l