Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Photo Gallery

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Tesla Model S - Unplugged Performance

Unplugged performance with Front Spoiler and Diffuser System & Side Skirt.

Front Spoiler and Diffuser System. Unpainted: $995. Painted: $1,350. Carbon Fiber: $1,650.

Front Spoiler and Diffuser System. Unpainted: $995. Painted: $1,350. Carbon Fiber: $1,650.

If the Model S’ factory appearance isn’t exactly to your liking, then perhaps Unplugged Performance’s exterior upgrades will fix that.

There are a number of different parts available such as the Front & Rear Spoiler & Diffuser system, Side Skirt Set, Trunk Spoiler and Complete Front Fascia System.

The prices are very reasonable and the parts can be either unpainted, premium factory color painted or carbon fiber.

We previously reported the release of Unplugged Performance’s upgrades along with a background of the company.
(More on that here)

Above, to the right and below you can check out multiple images of the components directly from the Unplugged Performance website & Facebook Page.

Rear Under Spoiler and Diffuser System.

Rear Under Spoiler and Diffuser System. Unpainted: $1,550. Painted: $1,950. Carbon Fiber: $1,995.

Side Skirt Set. Unpainted: $1,450. Painted: $1,950. Carbon Fiber: $1,995.

Trunk Spoiler. Unpainted: $995. Painted: $1,195. Carbon Fiber: $1,195.

Trunk Spoiler. Unpainted: $995. Painted: $1,195. Carbon Fiber: $1,195.

Complete Front Fascia System.

Complete Front Fascia System. Shown $1000 for all 4 finishes.

Along with these images, you can view the components from many  different angles.  You’ll be able to view the range of Unplugged Performance products by clicking here.

Looking for more options? TSportline has a wide variety of upgrades.

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10 responses to "Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Photo Gallery"

  1. Big Solar says:

    best looking aftermarket stuff I’ve ever seen!

  2. David Murray says:

    I’d like to see what a Model-S looks like without the fake grill.

    1. EV says:

      just google michael jacksons nose

  3. Aaron says:

    It really looks like a cheap aftermarket body kit, but it’s an expensive aftermarket body kit. No thank you.

  4. scottf200 says:

    It would be more useful if the author shows side by side comparison to a similar original and angle.

  5. EV says:

    Looks like a 13 year old’s need for speed customization that he thinks looks cool.


  6. James says:

    Wider tires with lower sidewalls for worse electric range and harsh ride? Check. Gaudy plastic or carbon fiber spoiler to hit every curb and scrape every parking lot speed bump? Check. Expensive aftermarket wheels that don’t look any better than stock wheels? Check. Stickers to tart up your Tesla and cause snickers to emanate from other Tesla drivers? Check.

    Summation: Some people have more money than brains.

    It is positive, however, that an aftermarket is developing for Teslas because this indicates the car is popular and “worthy” of tarting up…in the eyes of “enthusiasts”.

    Funny how most of these systems purport to increase downforce. With a top speed of 132 mph, I don’t see how adding downforce is a positive on an electric car that needs to be as slick as possible and cause the least amount of turbulence. Look at the silver version at the bottom, how huge brake cooling ducts appear on that fascia! WOW! Like we’re going to LeMans and need those red-hot calipers to cool down by shoving air in there!

    A test a few years back by one of the major car magazines set out to determine if aftermarket tires actually improved a vehicle’s performance. The end result was that companies spend tens of millions of dollars determining what sidewall and wheel size best suits their car. Since folks without a whole lot of engineering know-how believe a big fat tire, or a bigger rim looks better, they set about spending thousands of dollars screwing up all that engineering 90% of the time. What they end up getting is usually a softer compound tire that is going to wear faster, produce less efficiency and provide a buckboard-hard ride.
    Great return on investment, I say! LOL.

    1. Brent says:

      I believe it is done to improve the cars look not function…

      1. Foo says:

        …and fails at both.