Watch Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 & S On The Track


Here’s a quick peek at a few modified Tesla sedan siblings out enjoying the raceway.

This time we get to see not only one of Unplugged Performance’s Tesla Model 3 demos, but also the company’s specced out Tesla Model S sedan tackling the track. And, by track, we’re not referring to the old drag strip. Instead, this demo-car testing takes place on a winding circuit at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in California, between Los Angeles and Sacramento.

With this quick clip, it’s really all about the landscape, the scenery, and the top-notch videography. Of course, it’s all about the handsome Tesla sedans as well. If you’re a Tesla fan, it’s sure to evoke a smile.

Video Description via Unplugged Performance on YouTube:

Track testing some of our newest parts for Tesla Model S and Model 3 demo cars at Buttonwillow Raceway Park.

Some of the new parts for Model 3 include:

* Performance Brake Pads

* Performance Stainless Brake Lines

* Front Lip Spoiler

* Dual Rate Lowering Springs

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Cool glossy video, unfortunately far from reality. There is a reason that only videos of drag strip races exist, a Tesla S is usually done after the first round. Check out for example a recent experience with the Tesla racing series (roughly from 3’30min)

On the other hand, most people use their Tesla S for everyday transportation and trips, for which it is a great car. But let’s not pretend it is something that it is definitely.

The reason why the Model S overheated in that video was a unplugged temperature sensor that caused bad cooling. the car worked fine all they long under the other journos. The Teslas they use are heavily modified and designed for racing with additional active air cooling on the batteries by re-purposing the A/C.