Unplugged Performance Debuts Modified Tesla Model S At SEMA


Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance & his team have put over 1,000 man hours into modifying a Tesla Model S P85+.  The finished product has arrived just in time for this year’s SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show!

Schaffer provided us with pictures of the build process, which of course built a ton of anticipation before the big reveal. Sure enough, he and his team delivered mind-blowing results.

Unplugged Performance has cosmetically enhanced just about everything on the Model S.  From Rolls Royce plush carpet, imported Italian Alcantara (no dead cows), completely upgraded seats, steering wheel, front fascia, headlights, and some previous upgrades that were recently available, including the BBS wheels and other exterior components.  The extensive list goes on and on.

The Model S is also fully wrapped in a very unique shade of blue.

Here are multiple pictures of Unplugged Performance’s Model S (we’d like to send our congrats to the Unplugged Performance crew for a job well done!!!):

Unplugged Performance Complete Front Fascia Shown

Unplugged Performance Complete Front Fascia Shown

No caption needed for this one...

No caption needed for this one…

Model S upgraded seats, completely retrofittable. A few variations available.

Model S upgraded seats, completely retrofittable. A few variations available.

As you can see, Nothing was left untouched, here!

As you can see, nothing was left untouched here!

Alcantara! Alcantara everywhere!

Alcantara! Alcantara everywhere!

Unplugged performances carbon fiber spoiler & rear diffuser.

Unplugged performances carbon fiber spoiler & rear diffuser.

Okay everyone, I’ll be right back. Going to go try to win the lottery so I can get me an Unplugged Performance Model S!  What are your thoughts and impressions of Unplugged Performance’s upgrades to the Model S?

SEMA is happening right now, so if you see this Model S there, please send us some photos or upload them in comments below.

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22 Comments on "Unplugged Performance Debuts Modified Tesla Model S At SEMA"

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The nosecone will be ugly forever…..

This Unplugged Tesla Model S looks sad … 🙁

nosecone is not ugly… but i bet your nose is

Nosecone looks like Walter the puppet.

Incredible, 1,000 man hours and I don’t see a thing I would spend $1 to add to my vehicle. That just shows how good of a job Tesla did the first time around.

meh. looks like change for the sake of change. That microfiber looks … cheap?!

Same feelings here. This is just about to be different. Not better by any means.

What a waste of 1000 man hours. The interior now looks like a ’70s pimpmobile.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater


So far, only Saleen’s done anything interesting, and I gotta wonder what he’ll do with the dual-drive…

Maybe Unplugged performance or Saleen will produce the “P85D Super Insane” with two 416HP engines instead of only having a 221HP in the front? Maybe with 832Hp this car would be in the high 2’s to 60mph.

Did the weight go up or down?

More important did the coefficient of drag go up or down?

Gotta give them credit for trying to stay relevant. The traditional motorhead hotrod mods are rendered obsolete by well designed EV’s like the Tesla Model S.

Obsolete performance mods:
Supercharger, ECM programming, cold-air intake, exhauts, etc.

What’s left:
Cosmetics, shocks, wheels

Even dash electronic mods are obsolete, when the Tesla can do it with just a firmware update.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Final drive and cooling are 2 legit areas for hardware mods. Hand-wound replacement crate motors and upgraded/hacked inverters could be a next step, and rewired higher-voltage batteries could be Stage 3.

Of course, all that would be easier if Tesla sold an ‘unlocked’ version without a warranty 🙂

I prefer the stock interior although the additional seat bolstering is welcome.

Any actual performance mods? The nose cone on a standard ‘S is better IMO.


what a mess

ugly, tacky, waste of money and time


I certainly agree with the idea to upgrade the model S to look it’s price, this one is a miss. It looks even worse than the original

Apparently Mike Anthony is easily stunned. Or he needs a thesaurus.

I don’t see how such small changes to Tesla’s design can add so much ugly, but there it is. Ugly and tacky.

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Alcantara interior looks warm and comfy, which is my experience with the material..

Cost? and does it hafta’ be black (likely)

Regarding the rest, unique is never easy to do, and in the present internet environment, I’m not at all surprised by the knee-jerk responses. Good on yer Unplugged and to Mike!