University of California San Diego To Install EV Charging Stations

OCT 9 2012 BY MIKE 4

According to The Guardian, the University of California San Diego will be installing two EV charging stations at one of their engineering buildings on campus.

Located at the Structures and Materials Engineering Building, the first two chargers will network with a total of 21 proposed stations for UCSD that will use a network interface for billing and reservation purposes. Based on the article, it should cost around $3 for your EV to get an 80% charge.

To get the program started, the initial funds were donated from ECOtality through its EV Project fund. The chargers themselves were installed by a local Southern California company, Sullivan Solar Power who has been working with ECOtality to install chargers throughout San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

To learn more about the charging interface at UCSD, check out this article from The Guardian.

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Doesn’t every engineering school have one? Check your Alma mater, I bet they do!

That naughty private school in Durham does have four charging stations reserved for the rental WeCar Volts:

There are no charging stations for students, faculty, employees nor visitors.

I went to UNLV in Vegas and they currently do not have one. They do, however, have a class just for Wine Tasting!

A few recent tidbits related to San Diego charging stations:

San Diego City Council approves EVSE Expansion – nearly 120 new stations to be installed

First San Diego County DC Quick Charger to be operational by end of October