University Of California Irvine First Campus To Go Fully Zero Emission, Orders 20 BYD Electric Buses

JAN 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

The University Of California Irvine is the first college campus in the US switching its entire bus fleet to zero emissions from the academic year 2017-18.

BYD Lancaster Bus Factory

BYD Lancaster Bus Factory

For approximately $15 million, UC Irvine will acquire 20 all-electric buses manufactured by BYD, on top on of the already in use single hydrogen bus it employs.

The Anteater Express shuttle service at UC Irvine is student-funded.

“The vehicles are being built at the company’s Lancaster plant to roll onto campus for the 2017-18 academic year, joining a hydrogen electric bus to provide more than 2 million pollution-free rides annually. Undergraduates voted to pay up to $40 per quarter to the Associated Students of UC Irvine to cover the bus purchase and other costs. Individual rides are free.”

“While other schools have added some alternative energy transportation in recent years, UC Irvine is the first to completely scrap its traditional diesel fuel-powered buses, officials said.”

ASUCI President Tracy La. The campus has twice been voted the Sierra Club’s said:

“Once again, UC Irvine is No. 1 in making sure we have a sustainable future. Coolest School,” among other environmental awards. La, like many of her classmates, has relied heavily on the buses to get between classes and her job. “I hope the rest of the country can follow us,” she said. “I hope other colleges and universities will do this.”

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Way to go UC Irvine 🙂

Yeah, before prices go up.

UC Irvine always paving the way. We are so thankful my son got accepted last year, he loves it there.

You should have your son put together a protest over the $2.50 per hour EV charging fee the University sticks to students, visitors and faculty. This is a rate I have never seen as high.

$40/qtr is $120/yr. That’s enough to buy a used bicycle and have some left over for ever-clear jello shots.

When I was in college, I took the free college bus few times. Then I realized bicycle is far quicker and flexible. It got me right up to the building and cut across anywhere while the bus had limited stops and had to wait.

I have to wonder how many will benefit from buses rather than getting a bicycle. I suspect most will get bicycles and be oblivious to the fact that their money is going to something they’d never use.

Excellent points. Especially in California. Not so easy to bike everywhere in other parts of the country.

That said, when I was in college there were days that were so cold that my car would not start. No-one’s car started. On those days, I would take my mountain bike (knobby tires are great in the snow!) and ride up the hill to school. I was definitely the exception.

Good point. Maybe they could have invested in an electric bike share program instead. I wonder if anyone did the math.

Big Oil executives’ heads explode in 3,2,1…

I will point out that UCI has one of the highest EV charging rates of any UC or Cal State campus. For a “green” campus, it should be embarrassed to charge upwards of $3 an hour for charging.

UPDATE: The cost is actually $2.50 an hour, still the highest cost to plug I have ever seen. This is in addition to the parking cost. If you go of campus, the crust to charge is only $.75 an hour in the nearby Research Center. At Cal State Fullerton, the other state university in Orange County, the cost is FREE.

Why doesn’t this site move into the 2000’s and allow editing of posts?

Because that would make things more complicated, with requirements for authentication and checking replies.

Compared with tuition, books and parking pass the bus fees are a bargain.

Well done students!